Snuggle with a Koala! Live Stream Koalas from Australia

Snuggle with a KoalaKoalas are sleepy, slow-moving, snuggly critters. Their chilled-out approach to life is what we all need right now.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, near Brisbane Queensland, is offering virtual encounters with koalas. The Sanctuary has set up 15 livestreams, eight of which are focussed entirely on the koalas. You can spend time in the koala forest, in the joey enclosure, and the cuddle train. Seriously, the koalas actually use the branches in this section of the Sanctuary to snuggle up and cuddle all in a row.

Now don’t hop online expecting the koalas to be moving about. The fuzzy critters sleep between 18-20 hours (they must be closely related to cats or teenagers). But, if you are lucky, or are watching the feed constantly, you could see the koalas munching on eucalyptus leaves, socializing, or interacting with their keepers.

And if koalas aren’t your thing, other animals you can enjoy are dingoes, skinks, bearded dragons, platypodes, and a perentie. Exactly how many of these animals have you even heard of before, let alone seen. We will definitely be spending some time at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary… just from our home here in BC.

Snuggle with a Koala:


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