Confession time: Eight years ago was my first Mother’s Day. I was so wrapped up in visions of breakfast in bed with my new babe snuggled sleepily beside me and being showered in bouquets of flowers that I actually forgot it was still Mother’s Day for my mom and mother-in-law. Oops. Oh well, what mom of adult children doesn’t treasure a hastily bought I HEART Cats mug from 7-11?

Believe it or not, there are lots of fun ideas for Mother’s Day that don’t involve convenience stores, and here are a few of my favourites:

-Let her sleep in. Cuddles are all good, but save them until at least 9:30!
-Have a special breakfast. You can choose a simple recipe from a website like Healthy U and go for it yourself, or take her out. For my part, take out baked goods will always be well received. You better not make her clean up either
-Make her a craft at Micheal’s (okay, technically that one is the day before Mother’s Day)
-Get down on the dance floor at Baby Can Boogie Mother’s Day Dance Party!
-take her for tea at the University of Alberta Botanic Gardens 
-Spend the day at the farm at Prairie Gardens
-Let her have a bath. Alone.
-Help her know her own happiness! Take her to Sense and Sensibility at the Citadel!
-She’s used to dealing with wild animals, why not do it at the zoo?
-Mini-massage at the Muttart.
-It is going to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend! Spend some time in Edmonton’s gorgeous parks!
-Supper out at What the Truck Food?!? Food Truck Extravaganza OR If you want you could save a dinner out to coincide with a kids eat free night at a local restaurant.

What’s your favourite way to spend Mother’s Day? I still have some making up to do from 2009…