Get the Royal Treatment at Beaumont Spray Park

A girlfriend and I were discussing our love/hate relationship with spray parks. Truth be told, there’s very little “hate”: We love them, our kids love them (for the most part – more on that later) and they’re a great way to burn some energy on a hot summer day. But… (there’s always a “but”, isn’t there???) they are ALWAYS crowded, and ALWAYS crazy, and ALWAYS chaotic. My friend said “I hear Beaumont Spray Park is really nice, and not too busy.” We mused about taking the kids “one day” and our conversation moved on to something else.

Beaumont Spray Park

Beaumont Spray Park, photos by Jill Footz

Fast forward a couple of months. I was registering my twins in summer soccer and Beaumont was the closest program that still had space. (what, me, procrastinate?!?) In a strange twist of fate, their soccer field ended up being in Four Seasons Park, the same location as the spray park. What my friend had heard was true – it IS really nice, and  it’s not too busy!

Beaumont Spray ParkThe design of the park is simple and appealing. There’s a distinct Royal theme: a castle in the centre with red and green dragons on opposite ends. Large globes depicting a king, queen and court jester sit atop poles and squirt water at random intervals. Two huge palm trees that double as fountains mark the gates to the royal courtyard. A climbing turtle and spouting frog are just begging to be jumped on. And to top it off, there’s an ever-popular water play zone, with tubes and bowls and pouring spouts.

Beaumont Spray ParkUnlike most spray parks I’ve visited, the Beaumont Spray Park is a standalone site – it’s adjacent to a number of sports fields, but not directly linked to a regular playground. This may or may not be a good thing for your family. It works well for me, as I have one twin that loves spray parks, but has her fill within minutes, and is ready to move on to the playground, leaving me running between two sites. With the spray park her only option, she stays put, and I can save my cardio workout for the gym!

Beaumont Spray ParkThis park is all about convenience for families. There’s a parking lot steps away, plenty of benches and picnic tables around the perimeter, and a covered picnic shelter with four tables. As a bonus, there is a sheltered changing area, as well as a separate building with two single stall, but spacious, bathrooms at the west edge of the park.

Beaumont Spray Park

The base of the play area is mainly concrete with a couple of patches of soft, rubber flooring (under the climbing creatures and the water play area.) There are ample grassy areas for setting up beach towels and picnic blankets. The town’s website says the adjacent pond is stocked with trout for fishing, and is cleared in the winter for skating. The website also suggests there is a concession on site, and while I haven’t located that, the park is a short drive from a number of convenience stores, grocery stores and fast-food restaurants.

If the words “spray park” strike fear in your heart over the thought of crowds and chaos, make the drive and give the Beaumont Spray Park a try!

Beaumont Spray Park

Beaumont Spray Park:

Where: Parking lot is located at 60 Street & 38 Avenue in Beaumont

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