If you have a child with a desire for movement and a yearning for creativity, then you need to take a look at the Dance Discovery fall classes! Dance Discovery has a passion for dance that will fulfill your child’s need for the joy of movement. With popular dance styles, short-term or full-year programming, and a warm, welcoming environment, your young dancer will find their groove and discover their style at Dance Discovery.

Dance Discovery was founded in 2006 and has offered exceptional programming to Edmonton’s youth ever since, with a wide variety of dance classes. Their focus is on fostering the social, physical, and emotional development of their dancers, resulting in strong, confident young people, both in and out of the dance studio. The leadership, goal-setting, and teamwork skills will benefit youth well beyond the dance floor.

Dance Discovery (Family Fun Edmonton)

Dance Discovery offers a wide range of dance styles and excellent training from passionate instructors. Ballet is the foundational technique for all dance forms, while hip hop is a popular, high-energy dance style that is always evolving. Tap lets you play with the beat and jazz is an active dance form that includes jumps, kicks, and floor work. Lyrical and contemporary combines techniques from ballet and jazz and acro combines elements from dance, tumbling, and gymnastics. What will your child choose?

Dance Discovery (Family Fun Edmonton)

Short-Term Fall Classes

If your child is new to dance, they can easily experience the joys and benefits of dance, without a long-term commitment. The short-term programs at Dance Discovery instill the fundamentals of popular dance styles with fun new themes every week. Children, ages 5 – 9 years, can check out Hip Hop Remix, Holiday Hip Hop, or Acro All-Stars. Little dancers from 4 – 7 years can join ballet sessions, like Fairytale Adventures, Tutus and Twirls, and the Sugar Plum Fairy. At the end of each program, dancers will perform a final day performance.

Full-Year Classes

Some kids just know they love to dance, and Dance Discovery is ready with full-year classes and two chances to showcase all their practice. The littlest dancers can start their journey as young as age 3, with Baby Ballet. Children in preschool can also learn hip hop or join a class to learn the fundamentals of tap, jazz, ballet, and acro. Recreational classes for kids ages 6 – 15 years give dancers the opportunity to have fun and learn about musicality, self-discipline, posture, grace, and the joy of dance, without the pressure of competition. Programs are offered in jazz, acro, hip hop, and ballet. Of course, if your dancer thrives under pressure, after some training, they can always join the performance program to continue their dance experience.

Dance Discovery (Family Fun Edmonton)

Registration is now open for the wonderful dance classes at Dance Discovery, but spots are filling up. This fall, get back to school and back to joy!

Dance Discovery Fall Classes:

When: Fall 2022
Where: Dance Discovery
Address: 4347 Savaryn Drive SW, Edmonton, AB
Phone: 780-463-3855
Email: office@dance-discovery.ca
Website: www.dance-discovery.ca