Have a Wild Time at Grizzly Cubs Den

*****COVID-19 Update Grizzly Cubs Den is temporarily closed while they do some maintenance and deep cleaning/sanitizing.*****

Grizzly Cubs Den

Grizzly Cubs Den, photo by Jill Footz

Playhouses, an indoor playground and even indoor sports come together in a pretty wild way in the brand new family-friendly playzone known as the Grizzly Cubs Den!

Grizzly Cubs Den

Fuel up for the ride! Photo by Jill Footz

When we walked in, my kids spotted the little run cars (complete with fuel pumps!) and made a beeline to start driving them along the road course that runs through Grizzly Cubs Den! Quickly, though, their attention was drawn to so many of the unique features of the ultra fun playground.

Grizzly Cubs Den

The big play structure. Photo by Jill Footz

There is a big open climbing structure, with access up each side. Traverse the obstacle course, then choose one of 3 slides to exit! My daughters proclaimed yellow to be “medium”, orange to be “fast” and the blue slide to be “rocket fast”, hence the rockets that adorn it!

Grizzly Cubs Den

Beneath the big play structure! Photo by Jill Footz

Behind and underneath the big climber is a jungle gym area with a swing, a tetherball and a spiked climbing cylinder. A couple of tricycles and the aforementioned run cars pass up and down the road course at regular intervals.

Grizzly Cubs Den

Two way traffic! Photo by Jill Footz

My kids LOVED the unique concept playhouses and spaces. There are some of the typical favourites, that you’d find in a play city – the grocery store, restaurant, police station, fire hall, hospital, and even the gym!

Grizzly Cubs Den

Do you even lift, bro? Photo by Jill Footz

The more unique space are as instagrammable as they are adorable! You simply can’t miss getting your kids dressed up in the space suits and snapping photos of them ready to blast off! There’s also a salon proclaiming to be ready for New York Fashion Week, and a rural paradise, complete with cow for milking and flowers for planting!

Grizzly Cubs Den

Lost in space! Photo by Jill Footz

The folks at Grizzly have cordoned off a special section for the smallest of cubs. Immediately next to it is a most unique sensory experience. Instead of a ball pit, Grizzly Cubs Den has an enclosed area full of tiny wooden cubes (with rounded edges). Walking through it is a little like walking on the beach, and the kids love scooping, sifting and sliding into them. They are small enough to be perfect for gentle play yet big enough that dozens don’t spill out onto the floor with every exit! (If you have a child that is still in the stage of putting everything in the mouth, keep a close eye in this area!)

Grizzly Cubs Den

The wooden block pit. Photo by Jill Footz

Grizzly Cubs Den is new, clean and a unique experience that will let your kids stretch their imagination. I love that much of the flooring and even the walls of the playhouses are made of squishy, padded vinyl. It’s a perfectly-sized playspace that would allow parents to visit and kids to run free to play without parents fearing that they won’t be able to find them.

Grizzly Cubs Den

Grizzly Cubs Den, photo by Jill Footz

The den features a spacious birthday party room, and there is a cafe on site, so if you plan your visit around lunch, snack time, or the ever-present need for coffee, they’ve got you covered! Coming soon will be the addition of a sports space geared for the older kids.

Grizzly Cubs Den

The long arm of the law. Photo by Jill Footz

This brand new facility is located in Leduc and is very easy to access from Edmonton, just off the QE2 Highway. Watch for their official grand opening coming soon!

Grizzly Cubs Den

Space race? Photo by Jill Footz

Grizzly Cubs Den Indoor Play and Cafe:

When: open 7 days a week
Time: Monday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, Sunday 11 am to 5 pm
Where: 1-5205 – 50 Avenue, Leduc
Cost: Monday to Thursday $8.95 per child, Friday to Sunday $10.95 per child (day home and group rates available)
Website: www.facebook.com

Our visit to Grizzly Cubs Den was a hosted experience. The writer’s opinions are her own and Grizzly Cubs Den did not review nor edit this story.

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