If you like scares, we’ve found them! At this time of year, our family loves to test our wits by checking out new Haunted Houses or revisiting old favourites. I am always so impressed by the creativity and effort individuals have put into creating a fun experience to share with the community. In many cases, people are opening their homes to complete strangers and contributing all proceeds to charity. We want to thank all those for their tireless efforts to make our Halloween a little more magical!

I have tried my best to separate the Haunted Houses into age categories. My kids have both always enjoyed the scare experience so my ratings may be slightly skewed towards that.

Spooky Haunted Houses for All Ages

Ardrossan Haunted Hall
October 31 | AJSH Student Council will be transforming Ardrossan Memorial Hall into a Haunted Hall on Monday, October 31, 2022. Visit from 6-10 pm to discover this scare experience with a Haunted Fairy Tales theme.

Century 21 Leading Spooktacular Acreage
October 14-16, 20-23 & 27-31 | Even the youngest in your boo crew will love this acreage filled with animated ghosts, inflatable spiders, witch decorations and more!

Delwood Kingdom of Lost Souls Haunted House
October 21-23 & October 28-31 | A whole host of volunteers and scare actors devote several months each year to creating this hair-raising scare experience built on the Delwood Community Rink. The whole family can enjoy less scares during Family Night on October 21 or the early low scare time every other night.

Family Halloween Haunt in Devon
October 29 | A family friendly haunted house suitable for younger kids, plus Halloween themed game stations.

Howlleen Manor in Fort Saskatchewan
October 28-31 | Head out to Fort Saskatchewan this Halloween to get your scare on at the Howlleen Manor! This family-built haunt experience includes actors, moving props and a new layout each year. For low scares, visit on Kids Day October 30.

Fort Saskatchewan Haunted House
October 28, 29 & 31 | Find more scares in Fort Saskatchewan! Enjoy extra spooks with actors on October 28 & 29, or bring the kids to see the animatronics only on Halloween night.

Kiwi’s Haunted House
October 14-15, 20-23 and October 28-30 | Visit Kiwi Nurseries this Halloween as the outdoor pathways and growing house are given a spooky makeover. Souvenir flashlights are even provided to help guide your way through the dark!

Lago Lindo Community League Haunted Hall
October 29 & 30 | Do you dare to enter the Lago Lindo Community League’s Haunted Hall? Test your bravery on October 29 & 30 and don’t forget your donation to the Edmonton Food Bank!

Lakeland Haunted House
October 14-31 | This Sherwood Park Haunted House is back from October 14 through October 31, 2022 with a backyard full of spooky props and animatronic scares.

Nightmare on Athapaskan
October 30 & 31 | Leduc is where you’ll find this haunted house experience featuring an all new theme for 2022 – The Market of Iniquity. Enjoy “no scare” with the lights on from 5-6 pm, or visit from 6-10 pm for the full bone-chilling experience!

The Walking Dead House in Stony Plain
Friday, Saturday & Sunday from October 15 – 30 | Providing free scares to the public since 2013, the Walking Dead House is a family-built scare experience in Stony Plain that features a walk-through haunted school bus and more!

Eerie Experiences for the Older Kids

Spruce Ridge Scare
Friday, Saturday & Sunday from October 7 – 30 + October 31 | This walk-thru haunted house in Spruce Grove is proud to be family built, with all proceeds going to support the Parkland Food Bank. Recommended for 10 and up.

DARK: Fort Edmonton Park
Thursdays to Saturdays October 7 – October 29 & Sunday, October 30 | Recommended for ages 14+, this series of three terrifying displays lets you experience the streets and midway of Fort Edmonton Park from a whole new perspective. The event includes roving entertainment and special themed food and beverage service.

September 23 to November 5 | With live monsters and gruesome props, you are guaranteed to be genuinely scared at either of the two Deadmonton Haunted House experiences. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

K3 Corn Maze Field of Screams
October 21-22 & 28-29 | Can you find your way out of the Corn Maze before the zombies and monsters find you? Character actors will be located throughout the corn maze, adding an element of terror and fun once the sun goes down.

Now! Radio Haunted House
October 27 & 28 | The Now! Radio Haunted House is back for it’s 7th year, filling the parking lot with spooky scenes and terrifying live actors. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Rutherford Manor Haunted House
October 28-31 | Perfect for tweens and teens, this walk-thru Haunted House offers up plenty of thrills over a variety themed rooms. Visitors of all ages will be blown away by the level of detail in the decor, special effects and costumed characters.

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