Upon entering the TELUS World of Science’s How to Make a Monster exhibit, we were greeted by a board of terrifying acrylic crocodile eyes— experimental attempts at getting just the right look of evil and cunning. Across from the disembodied eyes was the animatronic tail and gargantuan head of an enormous croc; Captain Hook’s nemesis from the movie Peter Pan.

This was enough to put off our four year old neighbour. Whatever fearful things lay beyond, she was determined not to face. Had she been able to forge ahead she may have been enchanted by the lifelike unicorn, a cousin to the Racing Stripes zebra. According to the rep I spoke with from the Creature Workshop it is a special touch added especially for the little girls in the audience.

On the other end of the scale you have my two boys who have fully embraced the “scaring and grossing out mom” stage. The rubber alien guts from Pitch Black held special delight for them.


The How to Make a Monster exhibit is a travelling show from John Cox’s Creature Workshop (who won an Oscar for his work on the animals in Babe) and features incredible creations from a few big name Hollywood movies, several B-movies and an unaired commercial. What struck me again and again was the work and effort required for these creatures to come to life, and how disappointing it must be to have that work seen by only a small audience, or worse, not to be seen at all!

There is a very interesting video at the back of the hall (beside the delightful Pitch Black display) that details the enormity of Peter Pan’s crocodile undertaking, and how at the last minute, the script was changed so that instead of a moving monster, all that was required from the croc was to open one eye. A thoroughly frightening eye, but still!


The interactive How to Make a Monster show runs at the TELUS World of Science until April 21st and is mostly suitable for all ages. There are some scary displays that may be off-putting to more sensitive visitors, but seeing the behind the scenes work put into kid friendly movies like Inspector Gadget 2, Racing Stripes and George of the Jungle 2 is definitely worth it, even for the ones who don’t like monsters.


How to Make a Monster Contact Details:

When: now until April 21st, 2014
Where: TELUS World of Science
Address: 11211 142 Street NW
Phone: 780-451-3344

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