hopscotch glastonbury discovery trail
Hopscotch Along the Glastonbury Discovery Trail

My kiddos love hopscotch and they love scavenger hunts, so they thought today’s adventure was a dream come true! We set out to find all 4 hopscotch courses along the Glastonbury Discovery Trail! The Glastonbury Community League won a grant which allowed them to install four bright, colourful hopscotch courses
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James McCrie Douglas Park
It’s Easy Being Green at James McCrie Douglas Park

I’m a sucker for a new playground. It was near bedtime and my four-and-a-half year old twin daughters and I were headed for home at the end of a very long day long day when I spotted it – a playground with bright green accents, shimmering like a mirage in
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The Nature Exchange
Collect, Investigate and Share at the Nature Exchange

“You mean, we can take one of these HOME???” my daughter asked incredulously, standing over a tidy row of (preserved but still very lifelike) furry-legged tarantulas, each larger than the size of my hand. The subject of her sheer elation was also my greatest fear. In true mom fashion, I
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Webber Greens Playground
Parks Go High-Tech at Webber Greens Playground

Have you ever visited at Biba Smart Playground? We had our first experience at one this week and it’s fair to say my kids are now big fans. We discovered Biba by accident. We were in the far west end of Edmonton and did what we always do – sought
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Cameron Heights Playground
Monkey Bars and More at Cameron Heights Playground

Like most kids, my daughters have a playground favourite that they search for at the start of each visit. They’re somewhat fickle – the playground gem can change with regularity, but for the past few months it’s consistently been the monkey bars. We arrive at a new park and they
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Sightseeing Chairlift at Mt Norquay
The Best Seat in Banff! The Sightseeing Chairlift at Mt Norquay

She almost backed out. One of my four-and-a-half year old twins is afraid of heights. She doesn’t mind being on high places, (like mountains for skiing) as long as her feet are connected to the ground. Lift her off the ground though and she is NOT happy. She’s been this
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Britnell Park Playground
Four Times the Fun at Britnell Park Playground

What makes a great playground? It’s a question I’ve been asked numerous times and every time it’s cause for pause. What does make a great playground? Selfishly, I love playgrounds with rubber base. I’ve heard experts say sand offers more play value for kids, but I hate the feeling of
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Day at Calaway Park
Fun, Fabulous and Affordable! Our Spectacular Day at Calaway Park

Is there a better part of parenthood than experiencing the excitement of something from your own youth through the eyes of your children? That blissful joy is exactly how I felt on our family’s recent day at Calaway Park. My husband and I had each enjoyed Calaway Park as kids,
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Kitchener Park and Playground
Fun on the Rails at Kitchener Park and Playground

What’s black and red and fun all over? Give up? It’s Kitchener Park and Playground in Edmonton Oliver neighbourhood! I first discovered this central Edmonton gem a couple years ago, when I took my daughters to their first K-Days parade. They were 18 months old and intrigued by the crowd
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Meadowview Dinosaur Playground
Prehistoric Fun at Meadowview Dinosaur Playground

The Meadowview neighbourhood in Leduc is like any of the dozens of new developments popping up in the sprawling capital region – lovely, just-built houses mixed with basement pilings; bulldozers and minivans sharing the streets – but it has one tiny but important difference. Somewhere in this sea of construction
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