Celebrate National Puppy Day with a visit to one of our favourite Edmonton area dog off-leash parks. With all of their cuddly cuteness, we think that every day should be National Puppy Day, but good thing that you don’t need a special reason to visit a dog park. Plus, taking your furry friend to run and play is a good activity for the whole family. Multiple studies have shown that kids benefit in multiple ways — emotional health, immunology boosts, physical activity, responsibility — from growing up with pets, especially dogs. So grab your favourite pooch and head out to one of these great dog off-leash parks for family fun!

As always, please take proper precautions around other families’ dogs when visiting off-leash parks with your children.

  1. Terwillegar Park – We love the wide open spaces, the big hills to climb, and most of all, lots of trails to explore. During warmer months, there’s even access to the river for dogs to swim and kids to throw rocks and explore along the shoreline. This is one of the largest off-leash parks in the city, so little legs may get tired. Be sure to bring a stroller if you have a little one that tires easily.
    Location: Southwest Edmonton
    Address: 10 Rabbit Hill Rd NW, Edmonton
  2. Mill Creek Ravine South – There are so many great trails to explore within the ravine. Our favourite reason to visit this off-leash park is all the footbridges. Plus, it’s close to one of our favourite ice cream shops, Kind Ice Cream, for a fun treat after a long walk. Word of caution: be careful of high, fast-moving waters during Spring melt.
    Location: Southeast Edmonton
    Map: Click here.
  3. Jackie Parker Park – Our dog loves all the room to run and chase balls here, but also loves the trails through the woods to sniff and explore. Our kids love walking over the footbridges in the woods, too! Plus, after our pup has gotten her energy out, we head across the parking lot to the playground for our kids to get their energy out, too. The Jackie Parker playground is one of the biggest in the area and has a great splash pad in the summer time. Note: please remember that dogs are not allowed on city playgrounds.
    Location: Southeast Edmonton
    Address: 4540 A 50 St NW, Edmonton
  4. Hermitage Park – Hermitage park has a great paved walking trail for young families with strollers or older families with kids who love to ride bikes. Your dog will love all the space to run and play including access to the river for a place to cool off during the hot summer months!
    Location: Northeast Edmonton
    Address: 2115 Hermitage Rd NW, Edmonton
  5. Lacombe Lake Dog Park – This fenced in dog park is quite large, but the best part of all is a small beach area specifically for dogs to swim in the lake. After your furry family member has gotten his playtime fill, take the family for a stroll on the many paved trails surrounding the park, but please remember that trails are on-leash areas.
    Location: St. Albert
    Address: 151 McKenney Ave, St. Albert
  6. Ted Hole Park – This off-leash park is another favourite because it has something for everyone. Paved trails for bike riding, a playground for the kids, and lots of open space for dogs to run, play, and chase. Again, remember that dogs are not allowed on the playground.
    Location: St. Albert
    Address: 130 Erin Ridge Dr, St. Albert
  7. Gold Bar Hiking Trail – We love taking our kids and our dog here for hiking adventures. There’s so much to explore right within the city and your furry friend can climb his way down to the river to cool off, too.
    Location: East Edmonton
    Address: 10955 50 St NW, Edmonton
  8. Umbach Off-leash Dog Park – For dogs that need a little extra challenge, visit the Umbach Dog Park for an Agility Course! It’s the first of its kind in Western Canada and free to use. The course is based on a course used for the 2015 IFCS World Agility Championship. It features 21 obstacles for both beginner and advanced dogs and trainers.
    Location: Stony Plain
    Address: 969 Boulder Blvd, Stony Plain
  9. Buena Vista Park – If you’ve been to the Edmonton Valley Zoo, you’ve probably seen the sign for this park. There is so much room for dogs to run, and then when they’re worn out, put them on leash and take the walk over to Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park to visit the natural playground.
    Location: Southwest Edmonton
    Address: 13210 Buena Vista Rd NW, Edmonton
  10. Marlboro Off-Leash Park – We like to park at Central Park and walk/bike the paved trails through the woods leading up to the off-leash park. The off-leash park gives us a great end destination for our dog to get some running in before we turn around and head back to our car. During the summer, it’s nice to stop at the splash pad after our adventure and, of course, on our way home, we are sure to stop by Jack’s Drive-In for some ice cream!
    Location: Spruce Grove
    Address: 49 Marlboro Dr, Spruce Grove