Babys first haircutHi golden curls were the glory of our Christmas photographs. His lovely blonde locks were so soft to touch, and so bouncy and cute in a little surfer-dude kind of way. But, by the time our toddler reached 16 months, his long hair had become an annoyance: always in his eyes and often caked with food. It was time to get baby’s first haircut! So, on a quiet Friday afternoon we headed to My Buddy’s Barber Shop in the North End of Halifax.  Our little Toddler would be the third generation of men in my family to see Buddy for a trim; my Dad goes to Buddy, and so does my husband. Wherever you decide to go to have your baby’s locks chopped off, here are some tips for saying goodbye to the baby-curls.

1. Save a lock of hair, before you go.
That precious lock of hair can be placed in a locket, a keepsake box or even a plastic sandwich bag. Make sure you note the date, and your baby’s age. The reason you should chop off a lock yourself before you go is because your barber or hairdresser will be too busy focusing on the haircut. You know which little curl you love: take it!

2. Find an experienced hairdresser or barber
An experienced barber will know exactly what to do, which means they can do it faster and more efficiently. A good, fast haircut means less stress for you and baby.

3. Don’t go on a weekend
Cutting a baby or toddler’s hair is no easy task, and it can take longer than the average trim. You and your hairdresser or barber will have a much more relaxed experience if you go during a slow time.

4. Make sure your toddler is compliant
Buddy says that it’s easier to cut hair when the baby is sleeping! I would never consider having a haircut done while our little guy was snoozing- that seems to sneaky! However, be advised, you will have to do some restraining.  If things don’t work out, there’s no need to traumatize the child: if it’s all too stressful, just try a different day, or a different environment. An angry, wriggly toddler is no candidate for a haircut.

5. Protect your clothing
The best way to cut a wriggly toddler’s hair is to have the child sitting on Mum’s lap. I hadn’t foreseen the amount of hair that I would collect through this process. So, don’t wear black, and ask for a cape (you are a super hero, after all). Make sure you give your clothes a good brush after it’s all over.  A good hairdresser or barber will have a clothes brush for you.

There are hundreds of hairdressers and barbershops in Halifax that will do kids’ haircuts, but I  am so glad we chose to go to a traditional barber for our little boy’s first haircut.  What about you? At what age did you first cut your baby’s hair, and where did you go?