Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate and spend time with the people you love best — including your family. Here are some family fun activities to enjoy with all of the loves in your life.

Trapped Escape Room Halifax
Get TRAPPED inside an Escape Room in Halifax!

Click. You and a group of friends are stuck inside a medieval prison with only your wits to help you escape. 60 minutes later, will you taste freedom… or failure? Trapped Halifax is one of five escape rooms in Halifax, part of the “boom” of escape rooms that have popped up
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Romantic getaway near halifax without the kids
5 Places to go for some Whoo hoo within a two-hour drive of Halifax

Let’s face it: “business time” is way better when you’re away from the kids… and booking a night away with your partner is probably one of the best ways to get back to business. But which romantic locations near Halifax offer the best bang for your buck? For the perfect
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