Day Trips

Day Trips (Family Fun Halifax)

Black Loyalist Heritage Centre
Black Loyalist Heritage Centre, Birchtown, Nova Scotia

How about a trip to the South West tip of Nova Scotia? There, you will find Nova Scotia’s newest museum, The Black Loyalist Heritage Centre which tells  the story of the world’s largest free African population outside of Africa, in the late 18th century. In addition to the Centre, you can also visit historic buildings and the
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Masstown Market Makes for a Great Little Day Trip!

Masstown Market is a popular destination for both locals and visitors to Nova Scotia. Located just off the Trans-Canada Highway in Masstown, this market offers a unique shopping experience that combines fresh local produce, delicious food, and a variety of specialty products. With its wide range of offerings, Masstown Market
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Mabel Murples Bookshop (Family Fun Halifax)
Mabel Murple’s Book Shoppe and Dreamery

“This purple girl should have a name. What name could rhyme with purple? I must dream up a proper name. I’ve got it! Mable Murple!” I’m pretty sure I have recited these words approximately 600 times over the years. Mabel Murple, written by beloved local author, Sheree Fitch was one
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Things to do in HUbbards photo of Hubbards Cove by Debbie Malaidack
17 Things to Do in Hubbards, Nova Scotia

17 Things to Do in Hubbards, Nova Scotia There are so many things to do in Hubbards, Nova Scotia. Stunning beaches like Queensland, Cleveland and Fox Point are a stone’s throw away, and just around the corner, on the Aspotogan peninsula, the soft pepper-coloured sand and cool, clear waters of
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Noggins Farm
Family Fun at Noggins Corner Farm

There’s nothing better than local, fresh produce and in Nova Scotia, there’s no better time to enjoy the abundance of tasty treats than the fall harvest. Noggins Corner Farm is open year round but the sweetest time of the year is when the apple orchards come alive from mid-September to
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Replica Maud Lewis House
Replica Maud Lewis House in Digby, Nova Scotia

Did you know that there is a true-to-scale replica of Maud Lewis’ house, just outside Digby, Nova Scotia? We didn’t until we happened upon it during a trip to Digby this summer. My daughter was delighted to find it; they have been studying Maud Lewis at school. We were so
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How to Pick an Apple in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley
How to Pick an Apple in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley

Do Not Twist or Pull! When I told a friend that I would be going apple picking, she told me of a trick she had recently learned. Take the apple and gently turn it upside-down. If it’s ripe, the apple will fall off the stem naturally. If not, you should
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Oaklawn Farm Zoo

A fun adventure for all ages, Oaklawn Farm Zoo boasts the largest display of Big Cats and Primates in Eastern Canada, and much more. Oaklawn’s 50-acre zoo offers a relaxing atmosphere in a country like setting. You can stroll along and interact with a wide diversity of mammals, birds and
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