Summer camps are the perfect way to provide your kids with fun, activities and learning during their school break. Whether your kids are into sports or art, enrichment or exploration the Family Fun Halifax 2024 Summer Camp Guide features our top picks for summer fun in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and beyond!

Canadian Parents for French

Canadian Parents for French, Nova Scotia Summer Camps

The camps are a great way to make new friends, have lots of fun, and reinforce language skills over the summer months. The camps also provide an excellent introduction to late French immersion with exciting summertime adventures – while totally immersed in the French language.

Read more about Canadian Parents for French (CPF), Nova Scotia Summer Camps here.

Osprey Summer Camps (Family Fun Halifax)Armbrae Academy Osprey Summer Camps

Summer is the time for interesting adventures, new skills, and learning cool things while you’re having fun! Osprey Summer Camps at Armbrae Academy, open to all Armbrae families and community members, are created for children from pre-primary to grade 8. With exciting summer camp themes, your child will enjoy a summer of laughter and memories.

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Artshine Summer Camps (Family Fun Halifax)Artshine Summer Camp

Developing fine motor skills, enhancing creativity, calming stress, and promoting problem-solving — the benefits of an artistic life make a long list! Take advantage of the summer months to enhance your child’s life with an Artshine summer camp. Your budding artists will thrive as they have a chance to create and play when school is out. (And you can save 15% with code ‘familyfun15’!)

Read more about Artshine here.

CCGHCamp de jour du Conseil Communautaire du Grand-Havre

Get ready for a fun-filled summer ‘en français’! Make new friends, try new activities, and experience summer adventures with Camp de jour du Conseil Communautaire du Grand-Havre!

Read more about Camp de Jour here.

Debate Camp (Family Fun Halifax)

Debate Camp Halifax

We don’t want to just raise good kids, we want to raise successful adults, too! One of the greatest skills anyone can learn is to communicate effectively. This can improve the dynamic of your family life and prepare your kids to be terrific adults. Debate Camp Halifax offers welcoming, fun, and intellectually engaging summer day camps for kids to grow their debate skills.

Read more about Debate Camp Halifax here.

Eastern Front Theatre Summer Camps 

Does your little one love to create and perform? Eastern Front Theatre has your July covered with their Theatre Summer Camps. These week-long sessions are for campers aged 5-12 and have been designed to create space for self-discovery, personal growth, and fun.

Read more about Eastern Front Theatre Summer Camps here.

Farias Soccer Academy Summer Camps (Family Fun Halifax)

Farias Soccer Academy Summer Camps

They call it the beautiful game and your kids can enjoy playing all summer at Farias Soccer Academy summer camps! It’s an opportunity to build skills, have fun, and stay engaged this summer. With fresh air and sunshine, a chance to be active and learn new skills, and loads of fun, your child will love summer camps at Farias Soccer Academy.

Read more about Farias Soccer Academy Summer Camps here.

Halifax DanceHalifax Dance Summer Camps

Hip hop, jazz, ballet, creative movement… Halifax Dance offers many varieties and styles of dance and you can keep your child movin’ and groovin’ this summer with their Summer Camps for children ages 3 and up.

Read more about Halifax Dance Summer Camps here.

Ice Patch Hollow Summer Camps (Family Fun Halifax)

Ice Patch Hollow Summer Camps

What if your child could enjoy a summer filled with laughter, active play, crafts, and engaging activities? Well, they can! Did you know you can book summer camps at Ice Patch Hollow, one of the top play spaces in the HRM? It’s time to plan summer camps and a summer of excitement!

Read more about Ice Patch Hollow Summer Camps here.

inesS Summer Camps (Family Fun Halifax)

inesS® Circus Summer Camps

inesS® Circus offers unique and exhilarating Aerial Circus Summer Camps so your kids will have a thrilling summer to remember. You won’t hear anyone complaining about boredom, as they’ll be too busy expending their energy on fun, unique activities! Your child will find greater confidence and coordination at these camps and have wonderful stories to tell about how they spent their summer.

Read more about inesS® Circus summer camps here.

Illusion Dance Arts Summer CampsIllusion Dance Arts Summer Camps (Family Fun Halifax)

It’s almost summer and that means it’s time to make those summer camp plans that will keep your children entertained, engaged, and active! If your child loves to dance — or just loves to move their body — Illusion Dance Arts summer camps are the perfect way to give your child a memorable summer experience and develop their dance skills.

Read more about Illusions Dance Arts Summer Camps here.

Mad Science Summer Camps (Family Fun Halifax)

Mad Science Summer Camps

There is so much to learn about our amazing world! It’s time to embrace playing, exploring, and making new discoveries with Mad Science summer camps. You can plan a fascinating summer for your kids, with unique, hands-on science experiences that are as entertaining as they are educational.

Read more about Mad Science Summer Camps here.

Maritime Conservatory Summer Camps (Family Fun Halifax)Maritime Conservatory Summer Camps

It’s time to sing, time to dance, and time to play! Summer is an excellent opportunity to explore new interests or expand existing passions. The Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts offers arts-based summer camps to keep kids immersed in terrific activities and engaged in summer fun.

Read more about Maritime Conservatory Summer Camps here.

Neptune Theatre Summer Camps (Family Fun Halifax)

Credit: Stoo Metz Photography

Neptune Theatre Summer Camps

Some kids are born to sing, dance, and act. If you can imagine your teen Broadway-bound, you need to check out Neptune Theatre summer camps! With a huge variety of summer camps, kids up to age 18, who want to learn about music, movement, singing, and acting, can immerse themselves in drama and musical theatre. It’s time for your teens to dive deep into the acting world!

Read more about Neptune Theatre Summer camps here.

Royal City Soccer Club Summer Camps

Kick up some fun this summer and help your child burn off all that energy by enrolling them in Royal City Soccer Club Summer Camps. This non-profit community organization hosts thousands of children between the ages of 5 to 13 years old every year across 100 locations throughout Canada.

Read more about Royal City Soccer Club Summer Camps here.

Sackawa Canoe Club Summer Camps (Family Fun Halifax)Sackawa Canoe Club Summer Camps

There’s nothing like a summer spent on the water and kids can stay active with outdoor summer fun at the Sackawa Canoe Club! They’ll spend their days learning the sport of kayaking and canoeing, with dryland training, activities, games, and more. Let them play outside, make lifelong friends, and have a summer they’ll never forget!

Read more about Sackawa Canoe Club Summer Camps here.

Suzuki Music

Scotia Suzuki School of Music

Have an enjoyable summer while making memories at one or more of Scotia Suzuki School of Music’s four camps this summer. The first three weeks are “Creativity” day camps, the fourth and final week is our returning large signature “Art, Music and Dance—Halifax!” camp.

Read more about Scotia Suzuki School of Music Camps here.

Sobeys Atlantic Tennis Camp (Family Fun Halifax)

Sobeys Atlantic Tennis Centre Summer Camps

Stay active, learn the game of tennis, meet new friends, and have tons of fun this summer at the Sobeys Atlantic Tennis Centre (SATC) Summer Camps. The SATC Summer Camps are designed for children and youth ages 5 to 14 and are great for all experience and skill levels.

Read more about Sobeys Atlantic Tennis Centre (SATC) Summer Camps here.


Stagecoach Halifax Children’s Performing Arts Summer Camps

Do you have an aspiring young entertainer in your life who loves singing, dancing, and acting? Stagecoach Halifax Summer Camps, for children ages 5 to 15, gives children the opportunity to participate in performing arts disciplines in a fun-filled environment, while helping to develop confidence and communication skills

Read more about Stagecoach Summer Camps here.

Unicorn Theatre Summer CampsUnicorn Theatre Summer Drama Camps

Do you have little ones who thrive when they are the centre of attention? Do they dance around the living room, sing throughout the house, and love to perform? We have a camp for them! Unicorn Theatre Summer Drama Camps will allow your child to hone their talents and get them ready for the stage.

Read more about Unicorn Theatre Summer Drama Camps here.

Whale Camp Summer Camps (Family Fun Halifax)

Whale Camp Summer Camps

Whale Camp, on the beautiful Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick, offers a chance to learn all about marine biology, in an experiential, hands-on way. It’s a summer camp experience to remember for kids ages 10 – 17 and an opportunity for kids and teens to discover who they are and what fascinates them!

Read more about Whale Camp here.

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