Museum of Natural History

Family Fun Halifax
Gus’s 100th Birthday Party!

Join the Museum of Natural History as they celebrate everyone’s favourite Gopher Tortoise, Gus! Gus is turning 101 years old this weekend – and he doesn’t look a day over 100. This celebration will last all weekend and with special activities planned for kids, this is not a party you
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Age of the Mastodon
Age of the Mastodon at the Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is now presenting its newest exhibit, Age of the Mastodon. Mastodons were one of the largest mammals of the ice age and for many years, they called Nova Scotia their home! Discover all about these amazing animals and what lead to their extinction when you
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Gus The Tortoise
Walk with Gus the Tortoise at the Museum of Natural History

He’s old, but he’s a fast mover! Take a walk with Gus The Tortoise, a gopher tortoise, who at 98 years old, is older than your grandparents… and probably even older than your great grandparents! Gus has been a resident of the Museum of Natural History for over 70 years
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