Tree Change Dolls
When I heard the buzz about Tree Change Dolls™, my first reaction was to grab for the bottle of nail polish remover, and start wiping away the faces from my daughter’s fairly extensive Monster High Collection. Next, I’d get some play-doh, and give those ridiculously long legs some weather-appropriate rain boots…just like Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh did with her Tree Change Dolls™!

But of course, my daughter would kill me… And how far could I go? How would I manage to shorten the legs and flatten the chests of all her fave TV characters: those leggy Winx Club heroines and lycra-clad Lady Power Rangers?

Tasmanian Sonia Sing began giving makeovers to forgotten and discarded plastic dolls (mostly Bratz dolls) painting them with new, softer features, after she lost her job as a scientist. After a tiny bit of exposure on tumblr and Reddit, her dolls became an internet sensation…and the rest is history! Her charming creations have caught the eye of caring parents, feminists, the media…and most importantly, young children themselves who love the dolls because they “look like people they might know.”

Tree Change Doll Hiking

It’s a BRATZ Doll…but not as you know it!


In a recent youtube video Sing says: “I’m not a doll manufacturer; I don’t want to be, but if what I’ve done influences some of the big toy companies out there and makes them rethink the kind of dolls they’re putting out on the market, I don’t think that would be a bad thing at all”.  Later in the video we see some children playing with the dolls, and one child admits:  “It was kind of crazy with all the dark makeup and the giant lips.”  Indeed!

The general consensus is that Bratz dolls look much happier without their heavy makeup and over-sexualized clothes, and that they seem far more comfortable wearing the cute little sweaters knitted for them by Sing’s Mum!  The only question now, is how this creative young woman from the far corner of the Antipodes will keep up with the worldwide demand for the lovely, softer, more realistic plastic dolls she has created in her kitchen.

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