Xena’s Bread and Butter is the realization of a labour of love for two Filipino Canadians that use to spend their days working as homecare workers and their nights baking in a borrowed kitchen. Offering unique Filipino-inspired treats in an interactive, totally instagrammable setting- we had to check out what the buzz was about, and we were not disappointed!

One of Halifax’s newest cafes is the brick-and-mortar location for a popular bakery booth at the Alderney Landing Farmers’ Market. When I found myself with a child-free afternoon in Downtown Halifax, I knew that it was the perfect time to finally check out Xena’s Bread and Butter. While this cafe is certainly a wonderland for kids, I was looking forward to spoiling myself with a quiet moment alone and the opportunity to try something new. Besides, I had seen countless photos of the black and white, 2D illusion interior all over Instagram and had already earmarked it as a “must-see”, I was just waiting for my moment.

Xena's Bread and ButterUpon entry, you are immediately transported to another world, a world of cardboard cutouts  completely void of colour besides the bright purple accents in the food and drinks. The cafe’s interior has striking hand drawn furniture and wall murals that lean into the 2D illusion and take inspiration from the owners Filipino-Canadian experience; You will see shoutouts to landmarks and tourist attractions from both countries. There are interactive cutouts around every corner that delight children and adults alike. Each one gives you the ability to incorporate yourself in the landscape and makes for great photos.

Xena's Bread and Butter
Little did I know that the real draw, the true crown jewel of Xena’s Bread and Butter, is the ube cheese pandesal. It is not often in life that you have the opportunity to discover something new and fall in love on the spot. After the first bite, I knew that it was beginning of a long love affair with ube, a Philippine dessert made from boiled and mashed purple yam. I ordered two more of these on my way out the door to take home to my husband, who is notorious for having a less than adventurous palette. I knew he would enjoy it, but when I saw that he left half of it on his plate I quickly swooped in to finish it. I am telling you, these things are dangerous!

Sweet and delicious, Xena’s Bread and Butter is a true treat for the senses. Check out the Reel of our experience here.

Xena’s Bread and Butter

Address: 1996 Brunswick Street, Halifax
Email: xenasbreadbutter@yahoo.com
Phone: (902) 406-0056
Facebook: www.facebook.com/xenasbreadandbutter