Checked Out the Gnarly Indoor Skateboard Park in Saskatoon?

Saskatoon Indoor Skateboard ParkAccessible using the back alley behind St. George’s Ave. in the Exhibition area, you will find the only indoor skateboard park in Saskatoon! This space has grown out of a need for skateboard enthusiasts to have somewhere to continue the sport during the long winter months in Saskatoon and has been funded by grants, private donations, and admission fees. The Saskatoon Skateboard Foundation is a big player behind the Saskatoon Indoor Skatepark initiative and offers youth lessons, equipment rentals, birthday parties and open skate times. This facility opened its door in December 2016 and is going strong with plans to stay open right through the summer!

Indoor Skateboard Park in Saskatoon

Where: 2120 St. George Ave. (accessible by back alley)
Opening times: Weekdays (4pm – 12), Weekends (1:30pm – 11pm)


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