Family Fun at Homestyles was exactly what we needed last weekend! We decided to go on Sunday because that was the day of their Family Day. My son was very patient as we walked around and looked at the booths – until he saw the bouncy castle. Then he tried to get us to move faster. Although, most of the booths had something he enjoyed looking at or had popcorn, treats, or balloons! He was excited to go and bounce but he was intrigued by so many things as we walked.

Homestyles Home Guide

We had to stop to figure out which booths we wanted to visit first but eventually decided we’d start on one side and keep going until we made it to the bouncy castle. There was a lot to take in but so many kind people ready to help us out.

Popcorn and Massages

There’s so much to do and so much to say, we were grateful for the chance to sit down and get a quick massage. Of course, we needed the popcorn with us as well. The best part of Homestyles is that you get to try items to see if you want to buy them!

The Candy Toilet

When else are you going to get the chance to get candy from a toilet? Strangely enough, my son was already excited to see the toilet and then was even more excited to find out he could dig in and grab some candy. Honestly, with the little ones, it’s the little things that make them happy.

Family Fun at Homestyles

Have to stop for a photo!

He spent A LOT of time getting into the perfect position for this photo. He needed his pose to be exact. My kiddo is a big fan of photo ops. He gets that from his Mom.

The Best Part of His Day

My son forgot all about the maze and the bouncy castle when he ran into Prairie Pooches to pet. We both fell in love with every single pup that was wandering around. He could have spent all day petting the dogs.

Family Fun at Homestyles

Batman and Elsa

Family Fun at Homestyles includes photos with some of our favourites. In my son’s case, he stopped them every time he walked by for another photo.

Brave Mom

We didn’t have to wait for many things. The bouncy castle and maze were ready for us to just go in but we did join the line to visit Balloon Funn with Warren. Luckily, we had a lot to do while we waited. This mom faced her fears and held a tarantula for the second time in her life. Both times were to be cool in front of my kid. He held the spider as well with no fear at all.

Thumbs Up to Homestyles

We give Homestyles Home Show thumbs up! They made the day fun for all of us and we can’t wait to return to the fun in a year! From indoor to outdoor items, from mazes to a bouncy castle to food and snacks and more, we did not run out of things to look at or see.