My dog is a year older than my son. He’s part of our family. I’ve recently started taking him to Saskatoon dog parks every morning. We try to get there at the same time as the sunrise. Some days the whole family goes with us, and other days, just my dog and I go. (As long as somebody is with my son, of course.) It’s the best family time. We walk, we laugh, and we don’t need to rush.

We have rules for my son at the dog park. He knows to ask before going to another dog. He also makes sure our dog has already had the first meet and greet. He loves dogs, but we’ve done our best, and will continue doing our best, to teach him that not all dogs want a kid near them. I’m very proud of how well he’s done with these rules.

For us, the dog park had always been family fun. If we feel cooped up in the house, we go to the dog park. It is our happy place. We have a favourite dog park, and but we’ve been to quite a few. We’re still working on making it to all of them. I’m going to talk about all of the dog parks in Saskatoon. Starting with our favourites, and then mentioning parks we’ve heard others rave about. We have always loved the big ones so we can do lots of walking.

Also something we’ve taught our son: pick up your dog’s poop. (Unfortunately, he doesn’t yet pick it up himself.)

Dog parks are also a wonderful place to meet up for a socially distant walk with friends.

Hampton Dog Park

North on Range Road 3060

The best part about this dog park is the location. It’s out of Hampton Village off a grid road and right next to the airport. My son used to love watching the planes take off and land as we walked around. It’s also huge. You can choose trails in any direction, and there is lots of space for dogs to meet up. The city recently expanded the parking lot and added garbage cans which are all wonderful things. It’s a beautiful wide-open space, and it really makes you understand why Saskatchewan is called the land of the living skies.

Hampton Dog Park - Erin McCrea

Chief Whitecap Park

Access via Saskatchewan Crescent off of Cartwright Street

This dog park is in the Furdale area and is sometimes referred to as the Furdale dog park. We went for the first time this winter. It seems to be one of the most popular in the city. Now that we’ve been there, we understand why. It’s got a nice huge trail and lots of connecting paths that lead down to the river. In the summer, dogs can go swimming. My dog and son had so much fun exploring the area. It’s a busier dog park because people love it so much, but definitely worth a visit. We also picked one of the most gorgeous winter days to visit.

Sutherland Beach

West off Central Avenue, north of Attridge Drive

I haven’t been to this one in a while, but I’d love to take my dog back there. It’s another big park with lots of room to walk around. I’ve heard from quite a few people that this is another favourite.

Paul Mostaway

Richardson Road, east of McClocklin Road

This is a newer one in Saskatoon. It’s right in Hampton Village. It’s smaller than the ones above, but still quite nice. It’s a nice place to meet up with people and let your pups play. I know some like to mingle and talk while their dogs play. I enjoy the walk with my dog and family, but I understand many like this idea as well.

Pierre Radisson

Between 32nd Street and 33rd Street at Faulkner Crescent

This was the park we went to before we discovered the one near the airport. It’s got a trail around the fence. Dogs can meet and mingle in the middle. I liked it because I could always see my dog. He sticks pretty close to us now though so I don’t have to worry. It’s another nice one to meet and mingle with friends. I used to walk loops with a friend and her dogs before I had my son.

Southwest Dog Park

Off Valley Road, near Cedar Villa Estates

This is another popular one. I haven’t been there yet, but I plan to. I’ll update this when we have visited.

Avalon Dog Park

South end of Broadway at Glasgow Street

I’ve never been to this one, but it looks like a nice location. I’ll definitely be checking it out.

Caswell Dog Park

Avenue F North and 31st Street West, next to Mayfair Pool

I’ve never been to this one either, but I love the area. Google maps had trouble with the location though so I hope it’s still a good option.

Fred Mendel

Avenue W South and 17th Street West

Another to add to my list!

Hyde Park

South end of Hyde Park, adjacent to Boychuk Drive

This one is on the opposite side of town as me, but it looks like one that is worth the drive!

Silverwood Dog Park

Access off Kinnear Avenue or the east end of Adilman Drive


I don’t have the Google Maps link to this, but it is listed on the City of Saskatoon Page.

Find more information about the rules and regulations at the dog park and more information about the locations on theĀ City of Saskatoon Dog Parks page.

I love family walks to the dog park, but not as much as my dog. If he hears the words dog park, he will be at the door waiting to go. We will go in the snow, in the rain, in the puddles, and in the sunshine. They make my whole family smile.