On the Monday of May Long, my son and I took in some roarsome fun at Dinosaur World Live. We were excited to see the realistic puppetry and to watch the dinosaurs come to life. We got there early so we could grab food and a dinosaur souvenir. We sat and watched as excited kids came in with their families. Many children were in dino clothes – mine included – and one was even dressed in a dinosaur costume. These kids were ready for a dino-mite time with the dinosaurs.

Roarsome Fun at Dinosaur World Live

Stuffies, lights, hats and more for the kids.

This show was hosted by Miranda and she spent her time telling us all about the different dinosaurs. She made sure the kids helped watch her egg and yell out if they saw it cracking. My son frequently yelled out, “THE EGG! THE EGG! Check the egg!” He was joined by most of the other kids at TCU Place.

Dinosaur World Live at TCU Place. Photo by Erin McCrea.

Our host did a great job telling us about each of the dinosaurs from the baby dinos to adult dinos. Unfortunately, the dinosaurs didn’t always listen to her so she needed to get some help from the audience. When she asked for help, many hands went up with the kids ready to volunteer. My son tried but did not get a chance to help the dinosaurs but we enjoyed watching the other junior dinosaur-trainers.

Roarsome Fun at Dinosaur World Live

From baby dinos to adult dinos. Photo by Erin McCrea.

The puppetry was quite amazing. The little ones were run by one person and the big ones had as many as four people to control the actions and sounds. We both enjoyed watching the magic of these dinosaurs being brought to life.

T-Rex Time! Photo by Erin McCrea.

The T-rex was the largest and loudest of them all and the children proved they could be just as loud as they roared back at him.

Baby and Mama Dino. Photo by Erin McCrea.

Our last great memory of our night was watching the egg hatch. We got to see the baby dinosaur come out of the egg and we got to see it meet its mom. We left the auditorium listening to the excited chatter from the families leaving the show and, of course, talked about which dinosaurs were our favourites.

Dinosaur World Live was a fantastic experience for both my family. Big thanks to TCU Place for hosting us at this amazing event.

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