My son and I were lucky enough to receive an invite to the Preview night for Stoked Kitchen and Bar. Not only did we get to try out some amazing food but we also got to try out the brand new bowling alley and play some arcade games. We were very excited to experience the new and improved Stoked Centre at Wilson’s Lifestyle Centre. My son was VERY happy to see this place. It’s now open for everybody to experience.

Stoked Kitchen and Bar

A slightly blurry photo of my date and I.

Our waitress was wonderful. My son immediately asked her to marry him. (He does this often). He was already over-excited with all the games he saw outside the restaurant so it took a little time to convince him we should sit down and try out some food first. He got to drink a rare Pepsi while his mom tried out a delicious mojito. We ordered fish tacos and Thai wings for an appetizer. They were both great but I loved the Thai wings the best. I may have to go there just for wings someday.

Pizza Pizza Pizza!

For our entrees, we ordered a cheese pizza for the little one and something completely out of my comfort zone for me. I ordered the Lentil Nut Loaf. It was good but I’ll probably try out the rest of the menu before ordering it again. There were so many options! Chef Anthony McCarthy does not disappoint. My son announced that this cheese pizza is the best he’s ever had. He wanted everybody to try a bite of it. “Mom, you’ve GOT TO TRY THIS!” By the time we were done eating, my son was ready to explore so we decided to save dessert for later.

The Stoked Centre Bowling

The Bowling Alley is all sorts of impressive. The lanes are an interactive and immersive experience. They have more than 15 games to choose from projected on 6 of the 15 lanes. In kid-speak: they’re super cool!

Bowling Expert?

The last time my son bowled, he was about two and just rolled the bowling ball down a ramp. So this was ALL new to him and he had a lot to learn. He also needed to learn that the rules are for him as well. We practiced some throws but didn’t focus on the score. He kept trying to sneak past the bowling line so we eventually decided to take a break from bowling and try out some arcade games. He had a lot of fun though and really enjoyed trying to knock down all the pins. The staff were very patient and even helped me show him how to throw the bowling ball down the alley. They were around to help everybody learn the system.

Stoked Kitchen and Bar

Ready to Race!

We then went to the section that my son was most excited about: the arcade games. We don’t play many games so this is the biggest luxury for my kiddo. We stopped at a Mario Kart game and he had tons of fun racing. Luckily the seats can be moved up for short little legs.

Arcade Games are Life!

His next stop was the Halo section. We don’t have any games like this at home. He’s still little and has never played a game exactly like this with the guns. However, he saw it and couldn’t wait to play. He played a bit before we were seated for supper and it was hard to get him to give up the game. This was our last stop of the night and it was hard to get him to leave to go home. He had a blast in every single section of the fantastic Stoked Centre. We were up way past his bedtime and I had to pull out some bribes to get us out of the building. They are adding a Next Level Arcade for the upstairs with some old-school games. I can’t wait for us to discover that section. Although I may not be able to get my son out of there ever.

We would like to thank Stoked Kitchen and Bar for making us feel so special and for giving us a delicious meal and a night of excitement! We are already planning our next visit.

Stoked Kitchen and Bar and Stoked Centre

Stoked Kitchen and Bar
Stoked Centre