Enjoy SUM Theatre’s Theatre in the Park this May and June. Sum Theatre is returning to the parks this summer with a brand-new play! The Reel Whirled will be a free performance at a different park for each show!

Saskatoon & Area Performances

Thursday, May 16th, 7 pm – Grosvenor Park (PREVIEW)

Friday, May 17th, 7 pm – Chief Darcy Bear Park in Nutana (OPENING)

Sunday, May 19th, 4 pm – W.J.L. Harvey North Park in Silverwood

Monday, May 20th, 7 pm – Alexander MacGillivray Young Park in Stonebridge (ASL)

Tuesday, May 21st, 1 pm and 7 pm – Optimist Park in Riversdale

Wednesday, May 22nd, 7 pm – Silverspring Park

Thursday, May 23rd, 1 pm and 7 pm – A.H. Browne Park in Mayfair (ASL)

Friday, May 24th, 7 pm – W.W. Ashley Park in Queen Elizabeth

Sunday, May 26th, 4 pm – Al Anderson Park in Hampton Village

Monday, May 27th, 1 pm – Sidney L. Buckwold Park in College Park

Monday, May 27th, 7 pm – Swick Park in Rosewood (ASL)

Tuesday, May 28th, 7 pm – City Park School

Wednesday, May 29th, 1 pm and 7 pm – Parc Canada Sportsfield in Confederation (ASL)

Thursday, May 30th, 7 pm – Funk Park in Evergreen (ASL)

Friday, May 31st, 7 pm – Ashworth Holmes Park in Caswell Hill

Sunday, June 2nd, 4 pm – Montgomery Park

Monday, June 3rd, 7 pm – Adelaide Park (ASL)

Tuesday, June 4th, 1 pm and 7 pm – Dr. Seager Wheeler Park in Westview

Wednesday, June 5th, 1 pm and 7 pm – H.S. Sears Park in Fairhaven

Thursday, June 6th, 7 pm – G.D. Archibald West Park at Richmond Heights (ASL)

Friday, June 7th, 7 pm – Lakeview Park

Sunday June 9th, 4 pm – R.J. Gidluck Park in Warman

Monday, June 10th, 1 pm and 7 pm – Les Kerr Park in Forest Grove (ASL)

Tuesday, June 11th, 7 pm – Robert Hunter East Park in River Heights

Wednesday, June 12th, 1 pm and 7 pm – Grace Adam Metawewinihk Park in Pleasant Hill

Thursday, June 13th, 7 pm – Mount Royal Park (ASL)

Friday June 14rd, 7 pm – Buena Vista School (CLOSING)

SUM Theatre – Theatre in the Park

Date: May and June 2024
Website: www.sumtheatre.com/theatre-in-the-park