YXE Smash Therapy Inc: Give Yourself a Break. This weekend, I got a babysitter for my son because I wanted to do something for myself. I went to therapy. Smash Therapy. My friend and I decided to give it a go. Our kids are too little for it, but they do offer smash sessions for ages 13 and up. If you have a teenager that needs to get out some angst, bring them to Smash Therapy. It’s a great idea for family fun with your older kids.

I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew going into the smash session was that I got to smash things. To be honest, that was enough for me.

My favourite part was the sound. It is hard to explain how very satisfying it is to hear the glass break after hitting it. If the sound is not your thing, they do offer earplugs. It’s hard to get used to, I jumped every time I heard the room next to us breaking things at the start, but once we started our smashing, I loved all the noise.

We booked a time slot for 20 minutes. They had an old telephone, a keyboard, and a container full of wine glasses, bowls, figurines, and more. We could smash with everything from a bat, golf club to a heavy frying pan. The lovely smash therapists walked us through what we would do. We wore masks into the room and put on our safety equipment.

She explained what we could smash (EVERYTHING), and then left us to it. She told us she would give us a 5-minute warning at the end. With that, we started smashing and didn’t stop until we were out of things to hit, and even then, we smashed things that weren’t as broken as they could be. We took turns and cheered one another on. It’s a great bonding activity! You could go on your next date-night or with your teenager. There’s room to stand out of the way from the flying glass and plastic, but the helmet and face guard is necessary and made me feel much safer.

When you get there, they offer you extras to purchase. If you want more, you can choose things like a television or a windshield. We didn’t this time, but I might consider it the next time I go. You can also bring your own things to smash from home. I’m sure there are a few things I would love to smash from my own house.

Smash Therapy

We worked up a sweat and felt great by the end. I think this is wonderful and therapeutic for so many people – especially moms. We do a lot, and we juggle a lot in our lives. It felt great to do something for ourselves. We took the time to do something that we would never ordinarily do, and it was worth it.

They came in and took an after photo for us, and then we were on our way. I had a friend message me to confirm that we didn’t have to clean up. We didn’t. We smash and we go. And we made a HUGE mess so thank you to the wonderful people at Smash Therapy for making our lives even better today.

Are you feeling down? Frustrated with the pandemic life? Annoyed with a million months of Saskatoon winter? Need to get out some mom rage? Want to work out some grief or anxiety? Might I suggest smashing things? It’s a unique therapy, and you don’t need to talk… But you can yell and scream! But also, if you don’t feel stressed, it’s still fun! You don’t need to be dealing with anything to have fun.

It’s hard to find new experiences for friends and family. This is new and different. My son was really jealous when I got home and showed him the photos. I told him he has to wait a few years until he’s old enough and in the meantime, I’ll smash for him as well.

Here is a little bit about the team at Smash Therapists straight from their website at YXE Smash Therapy. “Our team of Smash Therapists are about as unique as our title. We are fun, friendly and perhaps a little mad. We believe in the power of cathartic expression. Each of us has overcome extraordinary obstacles… not unlike yourself! This is an outside-the-box kind of place where everyone fits in and our goal is to bring you a great experience, whatever your reason for stopping by.”

You can book online, and pick a package that suits your needs. You can book for one to four people. For one or two people, you can book 20 minutes or 40 minutes. The groups of four can be booked for 40 minutes. The prices are on the website as well. You can pay in advance or when you get there. You can also fill out a waiver online.

YXE Smash Therapy Inc.

Website: https://yxesmashtherapy.ca/
Address: #90 – 4019 Aronec Avenue Saskatoon
Hours: Wednesday-Friday 4 pm-8 pm and Saturday 2-10 pm