Yesterday we took our boys to Science World for some intellectual and physical fun.  The boys have been pleading with us to return to Science World; every time we drive into Vancouver our two-year old says “Science Whorl, Science Whorl”.  He was so pleased when we finally said, “yes” yesterday.

We arrived at 10am as the doors opened.  The place was hopping.  Traditionally we head upstairs to the two little-kid areas (Kidspace and Eureka).  However, on our last visit we discovered the “Our World” exhibit.  The fact there are huge water squirters is a big win with our kids.  They also have fun sorting garbage (figuring out the difference between garbage and recycling) and learning about power generation.

The plasma cars were out on the 2nd floor.  Our littlest one loves them.  Our eldest had to go spend time with his favourite train.  Just outside the entrance to Kidspace is a powered train.  Science World, very kindly, rotates which train is on the track.  Yesterday’s, a red engine and caboose, is the favourite of our two aspiring engineers.

Science World has a number of fascinating events going on this week.  Both yesterday and today the Raptors Ridge Birds of Prey are visiting.  There is also a really neat indoor blizzard happening on the hour each day (from noon – 5pm).
The KEVA exhibit provided great entertainment for my eldest and me.  The displays are wildly impressive: trains, castles and more.  But in typical Science-World-fashion, it was all about the hands-on experience.  Comfy floor matts were provided along with individual tubs full of KEVA (flat wooden building planks).  Families were scattered all over the floor creating fantastic structures.  My four-year old was most keen on the destruction of any tower I attempted to erect.

We had a wonderful morning at Science World and our little ones were sufficiently stimulated that they were quite keen to climb into their pjs for the drive home and hop right into bed for naps.  Absolute perfection from our stand point!