U-Pick & Ready Picked: Berry Fields Around Metro Vancouver

Berry Fields Around Metro VancouverYou know summer has arrived when the berry fields around Metro Vancouver open. You can take your kids out to the berry patches, teach them about how fruit ends up on our table, get them to help pick the berries (inevitably they will add both over and under ripe berries into your bucket) and have a blast out in the fresh air getting a bit dirty! Or you can pack a picnic, visit the farm market, and grab a basket of freshly picked berries. Some places offer both options, some are only pre-picked berries.

Not all farms sell the same type of berries. In fact many farms sell a wide variety of berries. Click on the name of each farm to learn about what berries you can find there.

Due to the dry and hot Spring the berries are ready earlier than normal in 2019! Strawberries are ready to go in mid-May and raspberries will be ready mid-June.

Berry Fields Around Metro Vancouver:


Maan Farms (790 McKenzie Road)
U-pick available starting May 18, 2019
Time: 9am – 6pm
Phone: 604-864-5723

Arjuna Berry Farms Ltd (32320 Huntingdon Road)
Pick up available mid-June to mid-August
Time: 10am – 6pm
Phone: 604-556-9055

Blueberry Junction (28473 Huntingdon Road)
U-pick expected to open mid-July 2019
Phone: 604-556-8066

Bumbleberry Farms (31580 Huntingdon Road)
U-pick open early June – September, 2019
Time: 9am – 6pm
Phone: 604-835-3415

Gojoy Berry Farm (new location: Apple Barn, 333 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford)
U-pick opens mid-July, 2019
Time: 10am – 4pm (Thurs – Sun)
Phone: 604-857-3465

RussLynn Blueberries (28494 Townshipline Rd)
Pick up available mid-July – September, 2019
Time: 10am – 6pm
Phone: 604-856-0889

Willems Berry Farm (33736 Vye Road)
U-pick open early June, 2019
Time: opens at 9am and stays open until the berries are picked (best to call ahead)
Phone: 604-864-1149


Klaassen Farms (no-spray berries: 6695 Banford Road) (berries: 8915 McElwee Rd)
Open June to mid-August
Phone: 604-845-0678

Yarrow Elderberry Farm (44497 Vedder Mountain Road, Yarrow)
U-pick open daily mid-May to mid-June (elderflowers) & mid-August to mid-September (elderberries), 2019
Phone: 604-823-6897


Bancy Farms (5050 36th Avenue, Ladner)
Berry stand opens in July, 2019
Time: 8am – 8pm
Phone: 604-728-7373

Didar Berry Farm (5580 104th Street)
U-pick opens mid-July, 2019
Phone: 778-888-4399

Emma Lee Farms (2727 Westham Island Road)
U-pick opens early-June, 2019
Time: 8am – 7pm
Phone: 604-946-8216
**Cash or debit only**

Westham Island Herb Farm (4690 Kirkland Road)
U-pick open as of June 9, 2019
Time: 8am – 7pm
Phone: 604-312-1023


Driediger Farms (23823 – 72nd Avenue)
Market is open April – August every day 8am – 6pm; U-pick is open June – August Fri – Sun 10am – 2pm, 2019
Phone: 604-888-1665

Krause Berry Farms (6179-248th Street)
U-pick open as of early June, 2019
Time: 8:30am – 5pm
Phone: 604-856-5757

Maple Ridge

Formosa Farms (12617 – 203rd Street)
U-pick open mid June, 2019
Phone: 604-465-3359

Blue Dragon Farms (19317 Old Dewdney Trunk Road)
Open daily 8am – 7pm
Phone: 604-358-6018


Birak Farm (4200 No 6 Road)
U-pick open early June, 2019
Phone: 604-781-3795

W & A Farms (17771 Westminster Hwy)
Open June 1, 2019
Phone: 604-278-5667


Blueberries U-Pick (18064-32 Avenue)
Opens in July for blueberry season

Surrey Farms (5180 – 152 Street)
Store open mid-May to mid-October 9am – 6pm
U-pick open early June – mid-September, 2019
Phone: 604-574-1390

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