Those who love bubble tea know that there are subtle nuances between vendors, flavours, and quality. This summer, join others in the first-ever Bubble Tea Passport, where participants can score limited edition drinks and treats at a variety of locations around Metro Vancouver. You can pick up a passport at a participating location for $6 which provides access to a full range of discounts and perks, along with a booklet to record your favourites. Or, follow the vendors on social media and pop into the places that are most convenient for you and your family. Paired with a park, a free outdoor movie, or a free concert, it makes for a fun family outing!

We recently visited Chance Cafe in Vancouver to sample some of the options they will have available for the Bubble Tea Passport and it was incredible! First off, the owner is a local mama who is passionate about making her space family-friendly and even suggested a great park for us to check out while we were in the neighbourhood. While Chance Cafe specializes in bubble tea, there are plenty of food and beverage options, including ice cream and cotton candy made in-house. The Bubble Tea Passport specials at Chance Cafe include the option to make any flavour “cloudy” by adding a dollop of cotton candy on top, or “muddy” by adding a scoop of ice cream to your tea. My favourite was the “cloudy” option, while my husband loved the “muddy” bubble tea. With my kids in tow, I knew they would be begging to try some bubble tea so Corina, the owner, suggested a mango flavour with little stars in the bottom. It was the perfect size and hit with both kids! 

The Bubble Tea Passport limited edition drinks and treats run from August 1-14, 2023. BOGO deals included in the passport are valid from August 1-October 31, 2023.

Read more about our trip to Brewers Park here, or check out our video!

Bubble Tea Passport:

When: August 1-14, 2023
Locations: List of participating vendors here.