Chemical reactions, biological curiosities, astronomical oddities… there’s no denying it, science is fascinating and fun! Science BC are experts in getting kids excited about understanding how the natural world works. There aren’t any dull lectures, dry textbooks, and old-school boring worksheets. Instead, your child will enjoy an active environment where they engage in virtual labs, simulations, online games, group activities, online tutorials, projects, and fun activities!

Building a strong foundation in science is the hallmark of the Science BC Fall Classes. The programs are designed to meet the learning needs of both home learners and in-school students.

Science BC Fall ClassesHome Learners: Science BC delivers the learning outcomes of the new BC curriculum as well as provides all the learning resources necessary to cover those outcomes. Don’t waste your time scouring the internet for learning materials or agonizing over whether you’ve covered all of the curricula. Science BC Fall Classes take care of it for you!

In-School Students: Science BC provides your child with supplementary materials, tools and skills which help them excel in their in-school science classes. Based on a survey conducted for the 2021/2022 school year, 93% of parents reported their child received better grades in science after participating in the Science BC program.

Science BC Fall ClassesScience BC delivers a comprehensive curriculum in chemistry, physics, life science, and earth science to the comfort and convenience of your home. The teachers are BC-certified and the learning outcomes align with the new BC curriculum. Their active and engaging online learning environment helps students build a solid foundation in science, promoting curiosity and critical thinking while making learning fun and enjoyable.

The Science BC Fall Classes are offered in ‘cycles’. Pick the month that works for you or pick the topic that addresses your educational goals. When you register for one or more cycles you are eligible for a special discount. Each cycle is 5 weeks long and classes run twice per week for an hour. The courses are geared towards students in grades 5 – 10 and the subjects covered in the upcoming cycles are: physics, earth science, life science, and chemistry. Fees include unlimited access to the teacher and all resources, plus a learning report at the end of each cycle. You can find dates and times specific to your grade here.

MEGA OFFER: $50 – $60 Off!

Science BC knows that family budgets need to be stretched in many directions. For that reason they are offering a fantastic deal for the first 20 people who sign up for the Full Program Bundle:

  • 40 online classes
  • full curriculum which includes 4 units of study: physics, chemistry, earth science, and life science
  • all learning materials
  • 4 standardized measurement tools
  • 4 learning reports
  • guaranteed spot for your child in any cycle
  • certificate of program completion

Due the Science BC’s commitment to small classes, spaces disappear quickly. Register today for Science BC Fall Classes and get ready to be wowed by your child’s progress in and enthusiasm for science.

Science BC Fall Classes:

Dates: classes start September 2022
Phone: 778-233-7407