What a fantastic way to spend Family Day!  Thank you to the ACT in Maple Ridge for booking Charlotte Diamond.  The concert was a complete sell-out; Charlotte Diamond is a phenomenal children’s performer.

I remember Charlotte Diamond performing at my elementary school many moons ago.  Hearing her sing “Four Hugs A Day” to my children was rather magical.  The diversity in language in Charlotte Diamond’s performances has skyrocketed.  She flips back and forth between English and French seamlessly.  She also incorporates Spanish with great frequency.

Charlotte Diamond’s concerts are simple: well-written songs, beautiful singing, great band, entertaining (and minimal) costuming.  The staging and production merely compliment the performance; they don’t overwhelm.  If you have the opportunity to take your child to a Charlotte Diamond concert, do it!  She puts on a great show.

Be sure to check out the upcoming concerts at the ACT in Maple Ridge.  They have some great family-friendly productions coming to their stage in the next few weeks:
The Nylons with the BC Girls Choir on February 14th.
Fred Penner & KC Kids’ Choir on March 13th.