Magic dances through the timbers of Redwood Park in Surrey. A magical knoll awaits discovery down a wooded path. When you look through the trees and spot dashes of colour you are nearing the Fairy Kingdom.

Redwood Park, SurreyWhimsical, kind-hearted, fun-loving folk have created dozens of fairy homes. Some are grand and others are sweetly simple. Many of the homes have been created by children. Some of the homes are merely doors built into the base of trees.

Redwood Park, SurreyIf you are looking for an after-school adventure or wish to escape the heat of the summer, the dense woods are wonderfully cool and packed with adventure. Your kids will love the magical treasure hunt. We will be soon returning with a fairy home of our own to help grow the collection.

Redwood Park, Surrey

Redwood Park in Surrey exists thanks to an exceptional birthday gift. In 1881, deaf twins Peter and David Brown received 40 acres of land, each, for their 21st birthday. The land had been logged and was ready for farming. However, the twins were fascinated with forestry and went about collecting seeds for unique trees to cover their newly-gifted land.


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It is the twin brothers who are responsible for the soaring Sierra Redwoods that define the park. In fact, Surrey’s Redwood Park is home to the largest stand of Redwood trees north of the 49th parallel

Redwoods Park, SurreyAnother lasting legacy was also created by the brothers, a two-storey treehouse, perched on six-metre stilts. The brothers lived in the treehouse their entire lives (until their passings in 1949 and 1958). While the original treehouse burned down, a representation of their wooded home still exists.

Once the kids tire of exploration bring them to the spacious playground. Climbing structures, slides, diggers and more will keep the kids busy. There are plenty of benches and a lovely covered picnic area nearby. Redwood Park is the perfect spot for some family fun and relaxation.Redwoods Park, Surrey

On your way out of the parking lot, not that you could miss it, be sure to stop and experience possibly the best climbing tree ever. Redwoods Park, Surrey

Redwood Park:

Address: 17900 20th Avenue, Surrey
Directions: The park is most easily accessed off 176th Street at 20th Avenue.