In our family the Cranberry Festival has become synonymous with Thanksgiving.  This year we got ourselves sufficiently organized and managed to make the pancake breakfast before the real crowds descended.  The torrential downpour helped deter a few of the early morning keeners; if it is sunny next year we are going to need to be ready to eat no later than 8am!  At 8:15 we were in line to get our delicious pancake breakfast.  For $6 we got 2 massive pancakes, 2 yummy pork sausages, 1 delicious cranberry bratwurst and a juice box.  Great deal!  Thank heavens for the large tables and awnings.  Everyone huddled under the awnings, chatting loudly, munching happily…a truly wonderful community event!

Fortunately the sun prevailed scaring the storm clouds off and the umbrellas were tucked away.  The entire main street of Fort Langley was closed and vendors packed in their booths.  Treats of all sorts were for sale.  Everything from Christmas crafts to pumpkin flower bouquets, from honey to cheeses, from baked goodies to homemade soap…this was a festival for the senses.

Face painting at Cranberry FestivalI must give a special shout out to the face painting.  My heavens was this lady talented…and she did everything by donation!  In addition to the main street vendors, there were many food trucks (delicious) and loads of live entertainment.  Our kids are big fans of the mini-golf course, they would have played multiple rounds had we had sufficient cash on hand.

Cranberry Festival 2014

Of course the cranberries were central to the days’ events.  Our eldest purchased his own 1lb bag of cranberries, carried them around the festival, brought them home and promptly made them into cranberry sauce for our Thanksgiving dinner.  He actually ate one of these 2 jars entirely by himself during dinner.  Crazy kid!

The Fort Langley Cranberry Festival is always the Saturday of the Thanksgiving long weekend.  Mark your calendars for next year; this a great event not to be missed.