I love birthdays. I love planning them, hosting them, and attending the birthday parties of friends and family. What I don’t love is the pre-party set-up and post-party take-down. We looked at plenty of options when it came time to book my daughter’s second birthday, and we knew we wanted a space where adults could relax and have good coffee while kids had the space to run around and burn off some energy. Fortunately, one of our favourite places to visit also offers exceptional birthday packages for children under 6 years old.

Little Beans Play Cafe is an indoor play space with outstanding food options for adults and kids. They have a clean, inviting play structure for bigger kids, a smaller play center for crawlers and those less adventurous, and plenty of toys to keep babies, toddlers, and preschoolers busy. We chose to host our daughter’s birthday at Little Beans Play Cafe because it checked all of the boxes: space for kids to play, coffee for adults, food included, separate space to eat and open gifts, and the ability to bring in our own cake.

Little Beans Play Cafe offers three birthday packages to choose from:

Private Room Birthday Package ($275): This is the option we decided to go with for my daughter’s birthday. Birthday parties include one hour of playtime (which was plenty for our group), and one hour upstairs in the private room for food, gifts, and cake. The room is set up beautifully with a large table for the children, child plates, cups, and cutlery pre-set by the Little Beans staff, a small kitchenette with a fridge for your cake/cupcakes, and a bathroom. This package comes with a full-size pepperoni pizza and a full-size cheese pizza, along with a veggie platter and a fruit platter (with the fruit pre-cut for kids!). You can choose to add on additional food if you like or substitute the pizza for grilled cheese/quesadillas. The Private Room option is only available on weekends because the upstairs room is in use for drop-in daycare Monday-Friday.

Cafe Birthday Package ($250): The Cafe Birthday Package offers an hour of playtime and an hour for food, gifts, and cake but takes place in a separate area of the cafe rather than the upstairs private room. This option is available on weekdays for families who are crazy busy on the weekends. Meet your friends and family at Little Beans for an after-school party!

Both the Cafe and Private Room birthday packages include up to 10 children and up to 15 adults in the price. If you want to invite more kids (up to 16 total), there is an additional cost.

Private Event Package ($550): If you have a lot of family and friends, then this option will be your best bet! Rent out the ENTIRE Little Beans Play Cafe space! Kids will get full use of the play equipment, adults can sit and chat and relax, and you can bring in your own food, entertainment (if you wish), and decor. The best part? You won’t have to do any of the cleanup! This option can accommodate up to 65 guests, making it the perfect space for a special event.

Truly, this was one of the most low-stress, enjoyable birthdays I’ve ever hosted. It was just the right amount of time for our crew, I didn’t have to spend days running around or making food, and there was more than enough space for everyone in our party. We opted to bring in our own party favors (a book, playdough and a glowstick bracelet based on my daughter’s favourite things), but there is also an option to order an activity bin from Playful Possibilities. This eliminates one more area of stress because it is totally packaged and ready waiting for you when you arrive.

If you’re looking to host a birthday for your little one, I highly recommend Little Beans Play Cafe! Book your birthday package here.

Little Beans Play Cafe

Address: 70 Kyle Street, Port Moody
Phone: (604)492-0390

Check out our visit to Little Beans Play Cafe on Instagram. If you’re looking for more information about where to host a birthday party, unique ideas for party favors, or places to pick up special treats, head to our Birthday Party Guide.