Mini Donut Drive-Thru at the PNE

Mini Donut Drive-ThruWhile the PNE has been cancelled and the opening of Playland has been delayed, you don’t need to mourn the loss of the mini-donuts. The PNE has oh-so-cleverly announced a new, first-ever, event: Mini Donut Drive-Thru!

That’s right you can drive onto the grounds of the PNE, collect your mini-donuts from the safety of your car, and then chomp away on the delightful treats on the drive home.

Check out the vendors participating in this yummy event:

  • CinCin Donuts
  • Those Little Donuts
  • Tin Lizzy Donuts
  • PNE Fundunkers

Thanks to a collaboration with Vancouver Coastal Health, the Mini Donut Drive-Thru experience will follow all the current food preparation standards and safe-distancing protocols.

In order to take part in this fun, and YUMMY, event, you need to purchase your tickets online. And for those of you who purchase early, your mini donut tickets include TWO tickets to the opening day of the 2021 PNE!

Prices: $20 for 24 donuts or a Family Pack for $35 gets you 48 donuts. The 24 donut pack is comprised of 6 mini donuts from each of the vendors. You could turn this whole experience into a science experiment for the kids – compare and contrast the various types of donuts. And if you go with the jumbo-sized Family-Pack you get a dozen mini donuts from each of the vendors.

Guidelines for a Safe Mini Donut Eating Experience

  1. Purchase tickets online in advance, or on-site through tap only credit and debit services (no cash will be accepted).
  2. To comply with provincial health guidelines, please travel to the event with your family unit.
  3. After your ticket is scanned (through your car window) by a staff member in the ticket booth, please join the drive-thru line and stay inside your car.
  4. Drive ahead to each of the pickup locations.
  5. Once you have come to a complete stop, food truck staff will bring your order to the pick-up location in front of their unit.
  6. Collect your order and proceed to view the 2020 PNE Prize Home from inside your car. Prize Home tickets will be available on-site for purchase, or online now.
  7. Please don’t gather on site. Proceed to the exit and enjoy your food in a safe manner. Remember to wash or sanitize your hands first.

Mini Donut Drive-Thru at the PNE:

Dates: May 22 – 24, 2020
Time: 1pm – 7pm
Location: Playland
Address: Enter off Hastings Street, west of Playland

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Although we do our best to provide you with accurate information, all event details are subject to change. Please contact the facility to avoid disappointment.

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