This weekend we took our boys to the Showstopper’s performance of the Little Mermaid.  Our 2 & 4 year olds were so excited to see performers on stage close to their own age.  The Little Mermaid was part of the Disney Jr. performances and featured the talents of local Maple Ridge students.

The costumes were brilliant in colour, the kids’ performances were enthusiastic and the teachers were thrilled with their students’ show.  It was a great, feel good event!  Showstoppers does a terrific job of including a multitude of performers.  The “Kiss the Girl” number was most enjoyable.  From little tykes playing the waves and fish, to the older performers playing the central characters it was a great performance.

Special commendation needs to be given to the actor who played Ursula.  Wow!  That girl can sing.  My husband, a high school band and choir instructor, was floored by the caliber of her strong alto.  She left the audience wanting more…a lot more!

Showstoppers is putting on another performance by 12 – 18 year olds.  The Music Man runs May 9th & 10th (12:30pm); May 10th & 11th (7pm).  The tickets are $16 each and are still available.