An afternoon spent with the incomparable Raffi; getting the opportunity to share a childhood treasure with my own children; singing (at top volume) Baby Beluga…truly wonderful.

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre was ROCKING and it was all for Raffi!  The audience was packed and all generations were giddy with excitement.  Before Raffi even came on stage, the audience was clapping their hands and singing along to the instrumental “fill” music.  No one could wait for the concert to begin.

The highlights from Raffi’s concert were:

1) the announcement that he has recorded his first new children’s album in 12 years!  Check out Love Bug being released on July 15th.
2) having Raffi sing, to the audience, Thanks A Lot
3) laughing through Down By the Bay
4) discovering the crazy sounds from Bananaphone are actually made by Raffi and not a computer
5) cuddling my boys on my lap during This Little Light of Mine

Every night (and naptime) since my boys were born (the oldest is 5.5 years) they have listened to Raffi’s Quiet Time.  We can’t travel without ensuring Quiet Time is loaded onto a piece of technology.  I seriously question whether my children could fall asleep without the calming assistance of Raffi’s dulcet tones.  Our boys have seen my vinyl record, signed by Raffi in the 70s; they have listened to all of his CDs; and now they have seen him perform live.

The concert was magical and unforgettable.  Be sure to keep an eye trained to Raffi’s website for future concert announcements.  He did indicate he has missed performing for children.  So let’s cross all our fingers and toes for more Beluga Grad concerts!