Do you remember Brentwood Mall? I have vague memories of dingy beige corridors, truly nothing to write home about. Well, times have changed! The Amazing Brentwood will knock your socks off. After a major renovation, the Amazing Brentwood offers a shopping experience like no other. I’m not a girl who loves retail therapy, but experiences offered by the Amazing Brentwood may actually change my mind. When you approach the mall from over the Galardi highway overpass you can see the stunning changes made to the exterior. Bright colourful glass installation brightens up the mall and makes the experience very inviting.
The Amazing Brentwood - The Light House

While our family was wondering around admiring the art-installations created by Vancouver-based artist Elyse Dodge, we kept commenting on how we felt we were visiting a modern art gallery. The light danced over the floor, on adjacent walls, and the open-air plaza is truly magical!

The Amazing Brentwood - The Light Tower

The one-acre plaza provides socializing space all hours of the day. Central of the plaza is a spectacular water fountain. The day we visited it was blistering hot and I was more than appreciative of being able to stand close to the fountain and receive a gentle misting. Every 45 minutes a sound and light show take over the water fountain. It’s great fun for the kids. We’ve been told that the plaza at nighttime is really worth seeing: many of the structures in the plaza are illuminated in addition to the fountain.

The Amazing Brentwood - The Light Deck

And don’t worry about feeding the kids before you visit The Amazing Brentwood. For lack of a better term, the Food Court is a must-do. But seeing as “food court” has a tendency to imply pseudo-fast-food, The Amazing Brentwood has rebranded their space “Tables”. As soon as you walk into the eatery space you know this isn’t your run-of-the-mill food court. You feel like you have entered a trendy restaurant. And the restaurants included in Tables have been highly curated to offer a different dining experience than one traditionally finds at a mall. Truly, The Amazing Brentwood is ticking all the boxes when it comes to offering a new shopping and dining experience. It’s definitely worth checking out!

The Amazing Brentwood - The Light Tunnel