Theatre Under the Stars: Mary Poppins and The Drowsy Chaperone

2017 Theatre Under the Stars

Theatre Under the Stars is an event not to be missed. Battling mosquitos, crossing fingers and toes for good weather, and escaping into the magical world of musical theatre is an essential Vancouver summer experience. For 2017 Theatre Under the Stars’ (TUTS) two shows are: Mary Poppins and The Drowsy Chaperone.

Theatre Under the Stars presents Mary Poppins

Credit: Tim Matheson

Almost everyone is intimately familiar with the practically perfect ways of Mary Poppins. This family-friendly production will have people singing in their seats and racing home to go fly kites. In case you didn’t grow up watching Julie Andrew’s supercalifragilistic performance of Mary Poppins, here’s a quick summary of the musical. First off, the musical isn’t identical to the Disney movie, it’s close but there are some changes. The Bank children are ill behaved and their parents can’t find a nanny to stay around for very long. A magical wind lands Mary Poppins on the Banks doorstep. Through firm guidance, lots of fresh air and adventure, and a good dollop of singing Mary Poppins has the Banks children falling into step and marching in line (happily). It soon becomes apparent the children need more time with their parents, their father in particular. So Mary Poppins catches the next strong breeze out of town and leaves the Banks family to bond over kite flying.

Theatre Under the Stars presents The Drowsy Chaperone

Credit: Tim Matheson

As for the second musical production from TUTS, The Drowsy Chaperone, I’m guessing most of us are unfamiliar with this production. But we really shouldn’t be! The Canadian musical parody has won FIVE Tony Awards (maybe it’s just me who has been living under a rock!). Get ready to go back to the age of jazz. The hero is alone in his modest apartment and he puts on his favourite cast recording. As the record spins, the colourful & chaotic characters of a fictitious 1928 musical spring to life – filling The Drowsy Chaperone’s living room with all manner of movie stars, gangsters, divas, and more. Please note: The Drowsy Chaperone is a saucy tale of Jazz Age libation. It contains cheeky innuendo & tongue-in-cheek content that may not be appropriate for little ones.

Each show runs approximately 3 hours with one 15 minute intermission.

Theatre Under the Stars – Mary Poppins:

When: odd days in July (July 7 – 31); even days in August (August 2 – 18)
Time: 8pm starts except for fireworks nights with 7pm start (July 29 & August 2)
Where: Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park, Vancouver

Theatre Under the Stars – The Drowsy Chaperone:

When: even days in July (July 8 – 30); odd days in August (August 1 – 19)
Time: 8pm starts except for fireworks nights with 7pm start (August 5)
Where: Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park, Vancouver

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