The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Kids’ Koncerts are an experience that should be a part of every child’s growing up years. Whether you love classical music or not, this concert series is structured to make the great classical pieces accessible to everyone.

The most recent performance of the series was aptly scheduled over the BC Family Day weekend. A partnership between the VSO and Platypus Theatre brought the production Latin Beats, Heroic Feats to the Orpheum Stage.

I have now seen two of the Platypus Theatre productions and have been impressed with their 2-person, minimal-staging, low-key performance. The actors are there to enhance the music, engage the audience and tell a short tale. In no way does their presence distract from the wonderful music of the exceptional Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Latin Beats, Heroic Feats follows a young boy, Max, and his dog, Mambo, as they explore the rhythmic sounds of music from the Americas. The audience was treated to inspiring pieces such as: de Abreu’s Tico Tico no Fubá; Sousa’s Liberty Bell March;  Morricone’s Gabriel’s Oboe from “The Mission”;  and Bernstein’s “Mambo” from West Side Story.

The entire performance was kid-centric. From endearing characters on stage, to multiple requests for volunteers to come up to the stage, to sing-along moments to previously made crafts being incorporated into the show, the kids felt apart of the entire hour long performance.

There are two more VSO Kids’ Koncerts in the 2014/15 season: April 19th & May 17th. The concerts always fall on a Sunday at 2pm and are held at the Orpheum. You won’t be disappointed by your hour spent with the incredibly talented VSO Orchestra. And just think, you can get your kids hooked on classical music!