Playground at the Hills at Charlesworth
The Playground at The Hills at Charlesworth

You probably think you know playgrounds. I know I certainly did. That was before I set eyes on the playground at The Hills at Charlesworth. The first thing I noticed was that it doesn’t really look like any other playgrounds I’ve ever seen before. That’s kind of the point. The
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Greenview School
Greenview Playground – You Have to See it to Be-leaf it!

We recently attended a family function in the Greenview neighbourhood and, as is usually the case, I promised my kids we’d tie a park trip into our day. At the end, we said goodbye to our hosts, and drove off into an unfamiliar neighbourhood, eyes peeled for a playground. I
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Hazeldean Playground
All Aboard for Fun at Hazeldean Playground

15 years working in television taught me a lot of things, but arguably the one I think of the most, especially when I’m writing, is that you have to let the pictures tell the story. That was all I could think about when we visited Hazeldean Playground! Hazeldean is a
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Meadowlark Community Playground
Meadowlark Community Playground – Small, but Mighty (Cool)

I recently attended a barbecue at the home of a friend who doesn’t have children. Another friend and I wondered what we’d do to occupy our kids in a toyless home with a small backyard crowded with adults. We spotted a park around the corner and decided to walk our
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Argyll Community Playground
The Wow-Factor of Argyll Community Playground

It is simply fact – playgrounds are getting cooler. I present Exhibit A: Argyll Community Playground. This park is so new (at time of writing – August 3, 2018) that fencing is still up to keep kids off the fresh grass, and the green shack program doesn’t even have a shack
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Cloverdale Playground
Cloverdale Playground – A Charming Hidden Gem

Edmonton is a city with many secrets. Even after living here for more than 20 years, I will turn a corner and discover something new. Cloverdale Playground is one such place. Anyone who has been to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival is no doubt scoffing at this, as the park
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Yohemas Park
The (Marble) Race Is On at Yohemas Park

“Mommy, there’s a park over there!” “No, honey, that’s just a construction zone. I think you’re seeing some of the construction workers’ equipment.” For weeks, we went through this every time our travels took us past a newly-developed area in Sherwood Park… until one day I took a closer look
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Bonnie Doon Playground
Fun for Everyone at Bonnie Doon Playground

We have nicknames for just about every park. There’s “Colour Park”, “Really Big Park”, “Alphabet Climbing Wall Park” and “Mouse Cheese Park”, just to name a few. There are very few parks we call by their real names. Bonnie Doon Playground is one of the exceptions to our rule. When
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Tamarack Park and Playground
Tamarack Park and Playground

We visit a lot of parks. A LOT. We plan a park visit into nearly every outing, cramming a little play time in whenever we can. My kids have simple tastes when it comes to parks – as long as they have a teeter-totter or a merry-go-round, they are instantly
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Little girl hangs from bar at playground
Raising Park Junkies

We are park junkies. It doesn’t matter where we go, or what we are doing, we almost always factor playgrounds into our outings. And they all have nicknames. Mouse Cheese Park. Beehive Park. Colour Park. The Really Big Park. Not the most clever names, to be sure, but my girls
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