Learn, code and create this summer with Discover Coding Summer Camps!  With a goal to empower kids to create with technology, campers of all skill levels will gain valuable hands on coding experience, plus gain new friendships and self confidence as they share their projects. Coders can choose to create their own games and apps, get creative with YouTube video creation or graphic design, or spend some time playing and learning on their favourite gaming platforms. You and your child will be amazed what they can create with technology!

Discover Coding Summer Camps

Discover Coding Progressive Coding Program

Discover Coding is proud to offer a progressive coding program that will allow your child to develop their skills and experience continued growth and success. Using discovery based learning, students are encouraged to learn through hands-on exploration and self discovery. Coders will be introduced to basic concepts and work to specialize their skillset as they move progressively through the coding levels. Achievements will be encouraged through report cards and certificates.

Block Coding helps develop a strong coding foundation. During these introductory courses, students will get comfortable with problem solving and technology as they begin to build their own games, apps and projects on the computer. Best of all, they will gain confidence and friends in this fun and positive group learning environment!

  • Code Discoverers | Ages 5-8
  • Code Explorers | Ages 8-12
  • Code Builders | Ages 9-14

Python Programming offers the next steps with the introduction of text-based coding. Students will be able to develop more complex games and programs as they expand their knowledge of Python algorithms.

  • Python Discoverers | Ages 10-14
  • Python Explorer | Ages 10-14
  • Python Builders| Ages 10-14
  • Python Challengers | Ages 10-14

Discover Coding Summer Camps

Learn With Popular Gaming Platforms

  • Minecraft and Minecraft Jr Camps | Ages 5-15
    Minecraft is a popular choice for children and educators alike. During Discover Coding’s Minecraft themed camps, students can learn the basics of coding through creating their own mods, building resources and designing incredible 3D structures. Your child will have a blast playing alongside fellow Minecraft enthusiasts,  while learning valuable STEM and coding skills.
  • Roblox Game Design | Ages 9-14
    Kids love Roblox! With Discover Coding, they can learn to design their own obstacle course (Obby), learn the basics of 3D modelling and game design, and begin to learn how to code in Lua. What better way to learn but in a room full of excited kids who all share your same interests?

Discover Coding Summer Camps

Get Creative with the Digital Makers Series

Technology and creativity intersect with Discover Coding’s selection of one-off classes. This summer kids can become digital makers with a range of exciting classes:

  • Youtube | Ages 9-15
    Plan, film, and edit fun and engaging videos for YouTube.
  • Graphic Design | Ages 10-15
    Use vector based software and practice the basics of graphic design like layout, spacing, fonts and colors.
  • Graphic & Web Design | Ages 10-15
    Learn the basics of graphic & web design to combine text and imagery and effectively communication a message online.
  • Code a Website | Ages 10-15
    Build an effective webpage with the addition of HTML and CSS website building tools.
  • Intro to App Creation | Ages 10-15
    Create an app with control buttons, text, images, sounds, and screens using JavaScript block or text coding.

Discover Coding Summer Camps

Register Today!

Summer Camps are offered online and at the Discover Edmonton Coding West location, as well as remotely at several other convenient Edmonton locations. Check the full Discover Coding course calendar to find which camps, dates and location work best for you. With so many choices, there is bound to be something to excite your favourite gamer or creator!

Discover Coding Summer Camps:

When: June 29 to September 1, 2022
Where: Discover Coding West Edmonton, various locations across Edmonton
Address: 11232 – 163 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta
Website: www.discovercoding.ca