Father's Day Gift IdeasWho is the hardest person on your list to buy for? Whether it’s Christmas, Birthday or, gulp, Father’s Day, for me the answer is always DAD. Add a husband and a father-in-law, and I’ve got a triple whammy gift conundrum. Thankfully, the fine folks along 124 Street are a wealth of knowledge – they’re full of Father’s Day Gift Ideas for every guy on your list.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift IdeasCool Socks & Chocolate. I love the cool sock trend, because it gives you a chance to give a practical gift that everyone needs, but at the same time something really fun and personal. Salgado Fenwick and the Barking Buffalo Cafe carry a great selection of Friday Socks that range in price from $13-$16. Pair them with a S’mores Bear T-shirt, $40, and some Salgado Fenwick x Violet Chocolate Company treats, $6-$12, and you have a great gift! (Grab a coffee and a snack for yourself while you’re there. I mean, buying awesome presents is hard work!)

Father's Day Gift IdeasA Pet Rock. That’s right, they’re back! Give Dad a blast from the past with a modern twist! These cool Pet Rocks from Studio Bloom double as planters. Studio Bloom also carries a great variety of BBQ sauces from Fruits of Sherbrooke, a non-profit Edmonton company that uses ‘rescued’ fruits to create jams, jellies, sauces and other preserves!



Father's Day Gift IdeasUseful Surprises! The folks at Parcel + Prose say Dads like to be surprised with something useful that they may not have thought of themselves. Maybe a board games to play with the family, like this retro backgammon set, $29.95, or a nice notebook or journal to log their adventures. (Walnut covered Bindewerk notebook $42.95, Waterproof All-Terrain pocket notebooks 3 for $13.95) Help deck out the dapper dad with some brass plated cufflinks, $36.95 or a money clip $34.95. And of course, funny socks are always a favourite, $18.95.



Father's Day Gift IdeasTea Time. Acquired Taste Tea Company always has a finger on the pulse of what’s cool for tea lovers. Right now they have Britain’s famous and loved Brown Betty Teapots in stock. They range in price from $39-$55, based on size. Don’t forget to grab some Brown Betty accessories, like mugs and tea strainers, and some of Acquired’s delicious teas to complete your gift! They have fabulous, fun flavours like Ginger Lime and Lemon Mango Punch, as well as the classics, including 13 (count ’em!) varieties of Earl Grey!



Father's Day Gift IdeasFather's Day Gift IdeasDrink up! Maybe Dad likes to indulge in something a little stronger than tea? Heart of the Home has you covered. Whiskey stones, $16, will keep your drink cool in a classic set of Spiegelau whiskey glasses, $40. Every sip is a work of art with a gorgeous Ritzenhoff Beer Glass, $43, or Shot Glass $29.


father's day gift ideasFather's Day Gift IdeasThe Pop who Chops! For the Dad who loves to cook, you can’t go wrong with a good quality knife, like this 8″ Henkels Chef Knife. Add a walnut cutting and serving board, $40, and some Board Butter, $20, to keep it looking new for years to come, and you’ll have a gift that will trick Dad into wanting to make dinner every night! (just kidding!) And if Dad’s a pizza lover, why not deck him out with all the pizza gear a chef could want! (prices from $15.95 up) All available at Heart of the Home.

Father's Day Gift IdeasFather's Day Gift IdeasJeans. What dad doesn’t love a great pair of jeans? Whether you’re out exploring everything summer in the city has to offer or at home putting in some well-earned couch time, jeans are your second skin. Arturo Denim has Canadian made jeans from quality Japanese denim with 2% stretch so they’re comfortable right off the hop with minimal break in. Check out their indigo Riff Raff and black dot Dash cuts. ($150, including free hemming/alteration.) Durable and wearable, they’re guaranteed against any wear and tear for the first year.



Father's Day Gift IdeasFather's Day Gift IdeasA little polish. You’ve probably noticed by now, beards are in! Help keep that scruff soft, conditioned and lightly scented with all-natural beard oil, $30,  produced in Christina Lake, B.C. (Bonus, it comes in a super cool skull bottle!) Also, whether he favours classic or fun accessories, check out the huge variety of cool cufflinks, starting at $40 and up. All available at Bling.



Prints and the Pauper

A Good Read. You can’t go wrong with a good book. How to Stay Alive in the Woods ($24.95) is the read that could literally save Dad’s life! It details everything from starting a fire to building a shelter to catching fish and what plants are safe to eat. Pick it up at The Prints and the Paper.







Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2018:

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