Find your way to the next Kids Run Wild event or program to learn all about map navigation and orienteering! This family-friendly activity is the perfect way to challenge both mind and body as you enjoy being active together in nature.


Who can participate in orienteering? EVERYONE from young children to grandparents, and all those in between! This emerging sport is well suited to all ages and skill levels with the flexibility to adapt to your physical fitness and personal preferences. It appeals to competitive and non-competitive, cerebral and physical, individual and group-oriented, athletic and non-athletic people.

  • TRY IT if you’re looking for a welcoming, inclusive space for the people you call family to try a leisure activity.
  • TRY IT if you’re looking for a sport that is fun, exciting, and can be tailored to accommodate people with diverse abilities or unique needs.
  • TRY IT if you’re a guardian and you want to grab a latte and friend to walk the course with you while your ‘kids run wild’ and complete challenges alongside you.
  • TRY IT if you’re interested in competitive orienteering and need someplace to get your footing.

Kids Run Wild will help you shape your personal experience with the support of their friendly and knowledgeable orienteering experts. They can help tailor your mapped area to the type of terrain it covers and how easy or difficult your group wants it to be. You can scale the degree of difficulty by leisurely visiting select markers on the map, or choosing to run timed and challenging courses. Either way this fun, flexible,  and affordable activity presents the perfect opportunity to learn something new as you explore the outdoors!


Kids Run Wild is the youth and family division of Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club (EOOC). Kids Run Wild offers year-round orienteering opportunities for kids and families, including weekly programming offered in five to eight-week periods. They also host occasional drop-in events for those wanting an introduction to the sport without a multi-week commitment. Follow KidsRunWild on Facebook or Instagram to to watch for upcoming events and programs.


Registration is currently open for Kids Run Wild Fall Programs. These are ideal for kids aged 5-17 and their families to learn valuable map navigation and terrain interpretation skills in a natural environment. Activities will include games and fun outdoor adventure play that focuses on building fitness, agility, and self confidence. Programs run on Tuesday evenings in East Edmonton parks and Thursday evenings in West/Central Edmonton parks.

For families with youth 13+ and accompanying adults looking for more challenge and excitement, consider the new Speed and Stamina for Orienteering (SSO) program. Join in Tuesday and Thursday evenings to boost your running and navigation skills in a fun and challenging way. SSO will immediately follow the regular Kids Run Wild program, and families registered in one or the other are invited to attend both at no additional charge.


Kids Run Wild:

Location: Programs run out of local Edmonton area parks