St. Albert Family Resource Centre (FRC) is a thriving non-profit family resource centre that has been serving families in St. Albert and the surrounding communities for over 40 years. Courses and workshops are offered annually through the Family Life Education Program, at the centre and on an outreach basis, including Early Childhood Programs, Child and Youth Programs, Parent & Caregiver Education Programs and Family Support Services Programs. The full current Program Guide and Event Calendar can be found here.

At St. Albert FRC, their ongoing mission is to “strengthen families through meaningful and educational programming in a safe and supportive environment” while empowering families to develop strong, thriving and happy children through meaningful community connections.

St. Albert Family Resource Centre PreschoolEarly Childhood — Parented Programs

St. Albert FRC’s parented programs are an excellent way to introduce children to activities outside of the home while also interacting with your children. This has a lasting effect on their social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive development. The children become comfortable in the learning centre, and at the same time, stay reassured that their caregiver is still with them. The “Playtime” drop-in program is a great opportunity for parents, caregivers and/or grandparents to come and enjoy the Early Learning Centre together, offering a secure play environment that engages children and promotes growth and development. Qualified instructors also provide creative activities in the learning centre during daytime courses, such as Little Chefs, Tiny Art Hands, Storytime Adventures, and much more!

Early Childhood — Un-Parented Programs

A child’s early years are critical to their development and have a tremendous impact on their learning behaviour, coping skills and health throughout life. St. Albert FRC’s un-parented preschool is the ideal play-based environment for kids to begin their formal education. Children enjoy fun and exciting hands-on learning experiences that offer growth in all areas of development. These programs help children and their parents deal with separation anxiety and independence in a safe and caring early childhood setting.

Child & Youth Programs

St. Albert FRC has a class for every need and every child! They believe in giving every child the developmental tools to carry them forward into a successful future, whether those tools are social skills, cooperation, emotional management, self-esteem or friendship building. Their Child & Youth programs are available during spring break, professional development days (PD Days), early dismissals, summer break and evenings. These courses offer children the chance to develop a supportive network of friends while also exploring their unique interests. Classes are designed to be fun and interactive through games and activities, even as they often tackle deeper issues.

St. Albert Family Resource Centre preschool

Parent Caregiver Education Program

Parenting now comes with an instruction manual! For families looking for practical strategies to help with parenting issues or day-to-day concerns, St. Albert FRC can help. These programs encourage parent-child attachment and promote positive parenting practices, focusing on a variety of topics, such as becoming a new parent, parenting your infant and preschooler, parenting your child/youth and teen, blended families, single parenting, managing stress and more. St. Albert FRC holds both daytime and evening courses to accommodate families’ busy schedules.

Family Support Services Program

Parents are the biggest influence on their kids’ development, so families have the opportunity to work one-on-one with one of St. Albert FRC’s parent coaches to address parenting concerns they may have, from when their children are newborns until the age of 17. This program provides information to help parents enhance their skills and build resiliency. But no two families are the same, so St. Albert FRC provides customized support based on each family’s specific strengths and needs.

St. Albert Family Resource Centre Preschool

St. Albert Family Resource Centre:

Where: St. Albert Family Resource Centre, Suite 10A, 215 Carnegie Drive, St. Albert
Phone: 780-459-7377

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