Dinner and a movie? **Yawn** who wants to revert to that standard date formula when Alberta’s capital city is bursting with fun, novel and new things to try? Wow your first date or keep things fresh and exciting with your steady beau by checking out:


Edmonton’s famous dinner theatre will have you cheering and laughing between the servings of your four course meal as the actors sing and show off expertly choreographed moves in plays such as Rock Around the Clock, Night at the Museum of Country Music, and Ferris Buellers School of Rock. Your favourite tunes are served up alongside a chef-prepared dinner that can accommodate vegetarian and food sensitive needs.

Date Night in Edmonton at Rock Around the Clock Credit Jubliations Dinner Theater

Rock Around the Clock Credit Jubliations Dinner Theater

Escape Rooms:

The escape room trend is sweeping across Canada and Edmonton has embraced it with open arms. The premise is simple. You are “locked” in a room and the clock is ticking. Figure out the clues to obtain your freedom before time runs out. Escape room themes vary from fun (find your vacation tickets in a robbed and vandalized travel agent office) to downright macabre (escape a grisly cellar before the serial killer comes back). There are several companies offering escape room challenges in Edmonton, so you can pick the theme that suits you best. A word to the wise, however – this activity is more fun on a double or group date.

Capitol Theatre:

Love live theatre and old movies but are not part of the Winspear or obscure foreign movie crowd? Then Capitol Theatre has your back. You and your honey can take in vintage movies or watch light hearted plays at the Capitol, which is located in Fort Edmonton Park. Check the events page to see what’s showing or what is on stage. This quaint little theatre, located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is a relaxing way to spend quality time together.

Haunted Tours:

Every city has its secrets, and you can learn some of Edmonton’s darkest ones on a haunted tour. Edmonton Ghost Tours (operating during the summer only) divulges tales of mystery, mayhem and murder. Do you dare find out who or what haunts your favourite Edmonton attractions? Your sweetie will hold you tight during this fun date – and that’s an added bonus!

The Melting Pot:

Sensuous strings of melted cheese, decadent swirls of chocolate, tantalizing morsels of food to dip and devour. Eating at The Melting Pot is an interactive dining experience for those who love fondue (and those who love the romantic aspect of eating food intimately together…after all, there is sure to be some double dipping going on!). From a full four course experience to a chocolate-only affair, The Melting Pot has been melting hearts since 1975. Reservations are highly recommended.

124th Street:

Want the fun and excitement of being on Whyte Ave, without the noise and bustle of being on Whyte Ave? Head on over to 124th street. This charming street boasts tons of artisan-inspired shops, coffeehouses and restaurants. Some are in converted historic buildings where the charm of brick work and beams have been preserved. You’ll find fresh-baked treats that are crafted on site, drink coffee and tea in flavours you didn’t know existed, and shop charming boutiques where one-of-a-kind items await. Spend time together over a drink and dessert or go shopping for comics and antiques – you and your date can do it all in one convenient street that is geared for walking while holding hands.

Don’t get in a dating rut. Treat yourself and your honey to something new! Edmonton is bursting with experiences that are meant to be shared. Try one out today.