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Family Fun Edmonton is dedicated to sharing information with Edmonton and area parents about the best places to go, things to do, and fun to have – and who knows more about those things than local Moms! Moms chat, share tips and spread the word when they find something GREAT.

Meet a local ‘Mom about town’ and learn more about her parenting journey, local adventures and life in the city in this new feature blog YEG MOMS YAK!


The Sexsmith Family, photo courtesy of Ashley Fraser-Sexsmith

If you spend any time at all on social media in Edmonton, you are probably familiar with Ashley Fraser-Sexsmith! She offers online marketing and consulting services to a huge variety of local businesses and clients. She also walks the walk – her own social media accounts are a thing of beauty with fabulous photos, great backdrops and her own adorable kids! I’ve been a follower of Ashley’s dating back to her first entrepreneurial venture, Kula Klips!

yeg moms yak

Photo courtesy of Ashley Fraser-Sexsmith

Ashley was kind enough to agree to be my second ever featured Celebrity Mom for YEG MOMS YAK! She talks about family life in Edmonton and where she and her husband Denny enjoy spending time with their adorable kids Logan, age 11, and Quinn, age 7. I love her perspective because it offers me a sneak peek of things I can look forward to doing more of as my kids get older.

yeg moms yak

Logan Sexsmith, photo courtesy of Ashley Fraser-Sexsmith

What makes this area great for raising a family?

We love getting out and about in the city to explore with the kids! Edmonton always has something happening, whether it’s a festival or event!

yeg moms yak

Quinn Sexsmith, photo courtesy of Ashley Fraser-Sexsmith

What are your favourite Edmonton places to visit and things to do with your family?

We love so many things about Edmonton but a few things that stand out are:

River Valley Walks – we are lucky to live just steps from some amazing river valley trails, and in the summer you will find us in there once a week. It’s a great way to get some exercise and explore with the dog and the kids.

Snow Valley – our family loves having snow valley ski hill so close to home. We spend as much time as we can there in the winter with the kids skiing and snowboarding. My hubby and I love that it is a sport that we can all do together!

Crave Cookies and Cakes – our favourite bakery in Edmonton! We love their sweet treats, especially their cupcakes, and we celebrate every occasion with their cakes!

yeg moms yak

Snow Valley, photo courtesy of Ashley Fraser-Sexsmith

What are your kids’ favourite Edmonton places to visit and things to do?

The Rec Room – our kids love this place and we do too! We all have so much fun playing the games and we can stop for lunch or dinner making it a great day out with the kids.

Bike riding – another sport we can do together as a family. We love heading out for an hour exploring our area and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Our pup comes along as well in a basket on the front of my bike.

Delux Burger Bar – our kids love going out for dinner and Delux Burger Bar is a great choice for the whole family and we love that kids eat free on Monday Funday!

yeg moms yak

Photo courtesy Ashley Fraser-Sexsmith

Where can our readers find and follow you? 

My website and blog is at and you can find me at @chattygirlmedia on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

(In addition to her marketing and consulting work with clients and businesses, Ashley also offers cool social media and photography workshops and training sessions!)