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Meet a local ‘Mom about town’ and learn more about her parenting journey, local adventures and life in the city in this new feature blog YEG MOMS YAK!

The legendary Global Edmonton Baby Boom of 2014, from left to right, Carole Anne Devaney, Laurel Gregory, Christine Meadows, me, and Jennifer Crosby.

In 2014, I (Jill) was part of the Global Edmonton Baby Boom. 5 women pregnant with 6 babies. The jokes were rampant, mosty recommendations for other co-workers to avoid the water. We started our parenting journeys within a couple of months of each other, and enjoyed a couple of get-togethers during maternity leave, but since then our lives have changed – returning to careers, changing careers, having more children. I wanted to reconnect with these women, not only so I could hear about their adventures in motherhood, but also so I could share their stories and tips with you, the Family Fun Edmonton readers.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when my former colleague Carole Anne Devaney agreed to be featured first! Carole Anne is stunningly gorgeous, great at what she does, and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is genuine, kind-hearted and knows how to have fun – all reasons why she is also a great Mom!

Yeg moms yak

Carole Anne Devaney with Gord Steinke at work at Global Edmonton

Carole Anne and her husband Connor have three kids, daughters Emmanuelle, 4.5 years old and Amélie, 2.5 years old, and their baby son Sidney, 7 months. I asked her a few questions about what she loves about parenting in Edmonton and the favourite places that she and her kids love to hang out. Read on for her answers!

Carole Anne and Connor Devaney with their adorable family!

What makes this area great for raising a family?
I love Edmonton for its sense of community. It’s a big city with a small town feel and people are super friendly, helpful and welcoming. I also love how down to earth and unpretentious Edmontonians are. Whether you’re all dolled up or dressed down in old jogging pants, no one cares. I love that! I rarely have time to worry about my appearance – I don’t even have time to eat breakfast ha ha!

Rolling with 3 under 5! Photo by Carole Anne Devaney

What are your favourite Edmonton places to visit and things to do with your family?
The Edmonton International Airport… because it means I’m off to somewhere warmer haha! Just kidding.

I’ve been on maternity leave three times in the last five years so I feel like most of my days are spent trying to find ways to entertain my kids. My favourite spots have changed as my kids get older and there are more of them, but generally speaking I enjoy places where I can kill three birds with one stone.

The Devaney Kids, photo by Carole Anne Devaney

For example, the John Janzen Nature Centre is perfect because it’s not intimidatingly big to my girls. They feel comfortable enough to run around without close supervision and the baby can nap in his car seat. We can easily kill 2.5 hours there if we bring snacks.

We love spray parks because they’re perfect for young kids, they’re free, and I don’t have to get wet! (I sound like such a lazy mom LOL!)

Baby Sidney at the park, photo by Carole Anne Devaney

We spend most of our days at our local rec centre because it’s easy and it’s close. You can’t venture too far when two out of three kids still need naps. Our rec centre offers childminding which is a lifesaver for parents like me. We’ll go swimming and then I’ll take an hour to workout by myself while the kids play in the daycare.

We love visiting the farmers market if everyone’s in a good mood. We get the kids into it by asking them to pick ingredients for dinner and by loading them up with free samples. They have voracious appetites so any activity that involves eating is usually a good time!

What are your kids favourite Edmonton places to visit and things to do?

I took the girls to Sweet Pea Cafe & Playhouse and they went nuts! I couldn’t get them out of there! I’ve been meaning to go back because there’s also an entertainment area for little babies. I love going somewhere suitable for all three kids and this place offers that.

Sweet Pea Cafe and Playhouse, photo by Carole Anne Devaney

The girls love going to the Valley Zoo. There’s so much to see, plus they get to run around and be as loud as they want. I also like that they’re spending considerable time outside, breathing in the fresh air (unless, of course, you’re standing right next to the petting zoo haha!)

Cow milking at the Edmonton Valley Zoo! Photo by Carole Anne Devaney

We LOVE going to Creation Space on Whyte Avenue. The girls can do everything they’re not allowed to do at home – paint on the walls, get water all over the floor and throw colourful rice everywhere. Alie is amazing for coming up with this art play studio concept, which allows kids to be creative and messy, and parents to stay calm and sane!

Creation Space, photo by Carole Anne Devaney

Where can our readers find or follow you? is my website where I write some blog posts periodically about life as a mom.

Carole Anne Devaney on Facebook, @cadevaney for Twitter and Instagram. Instagram is the platform I’m most active on!

(*Global Edmonton viewers will also be happy to hear that Carole Anne will be returning from maternity leave in September 2019!)

Yeg moms yak

The Devaney family, photo credit: Claudine Lavoie Photography