We took a magical gondola ride up Cape Smokey and saw what life was like from the top of the world.

Next time you find yourself in Cape Breton Island, consistently voted Travel and Leisure Magazine’s #1 Island in Canada, be sure to add the Cape Smokey Gondola ride to your family’s bucket list. This is the ultimate getaway for adventure seekers and a prime destination for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and hiking trails to stunning vistas.

While exploring the famous Cabot Trail this October, we stumbled across beautiful Cape Smokey Provincial Park on top of Smokey Mountain in Ingonish. The trees had all changed colour and sweater weather was in full effect, so we knew that a view like this during the most colourful time of year was not something we should pass up. After parking the car, we entered the building and immediately recognized it as a great event venue. With a restaurant bar and a fantastic view, it was clear why Cape Smokey is a year-round mountain playground for families.

To get to the top of the mountain, you can scale the hiking trails, or jump on Atlantic Canada’s first and only gondola ride. We were a bit short on time but ready for a break from driving, so we we elected to take the gondola. The view from the top revealed a mountainous range of oranges and purples, small uninhabited islands, a marina, and unique sprawling beach. You can take in the gorgeous scenery from two look-off platforms while enjoying a cold beverage and snacks from their licensed snack shops.

With access to hiking trails, muskoka chairs and the beautiful #ingowingo eagle wings, you can choose your own adventure (or just sit and take in the view) at Cape Smokey. Where land meets sea your ultimate getaway awaits.

Check out this short Reel of our Gondola ride.

Cape Smokey Gondola

When: All seasons
Address: 38696 Cabot Trail, Ingonish Beach
Phone: 1-902-517-0371
Tickets: www.capesmokey.ca/gondola-ticketing
Website: www.capesmokey.ca