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When I was a kid, I remember my mother dutifully scanning flyers, clipping coupons, and entering contests. Free samples? A treasure! I have vague memories of tiny boxes of TIDE sitting alongside the bargain box of no-name clothes detergent, small bottles of dishwashing liquid displayed like little trophies behind the kitchen sink. Any type of grocery store give-away or free sample was a genuine treat for our family. We had found a bargain, we’d been offered the chance to try something new…and we had received something for FREE!

But this was before the internet, and a lot has changed. These days, you can still test products, but now you have way more control over what samples you receive. Companies like Sampler work with over 200 brands to match you with samples that match your lifestyle, sending you stuff your whole family will love.

It makes sense. Companies like RITZ crackers can give out as many samples as they like in the grocery store, but it’s a lottery for them. What if they only sent samples to people who really LOVE crackers? That’s makes good business sense for them, and that’s where your preferences come in.

If you’re a cracker lover, Sampler will send you crackers; if you like shampoo, you’ll probably get shampoo; if you love coffee… you get the idea!

With Sampler, you fill out a little survey at the beginning of your relationship to see which samples you qualify for. Then you start getting stuff that YOU want in the mail. And in fact, they come in a lovely, classy little cardboard box!

After your sample has been received, you might get a follow-up coupon so that you are encouraged to try the product (and save money) again. Everyone’s a winner!

Try Sampler today and start getting samples of products that YOU would really like to try.

Free Samples

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  1. August 6, 2019

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