My daughter and I love Halifax’s new basketball team, The Halifax Hurricanes. At the games we learn about athletics, the rules of sport – and even math! We cheer for something we believe in. We become a part of something bigger.  We bond. Here are a few more things that we learned from a recent game. (#6 is for the Dr. Who fans)


Halifax Hurricanes Basketball logo1. A lot remains the same

Our new Halifax team is so similar to the old team you could be forgiven for thinking they are one and the same. The kit is nearly identical. The music during play is similar. Many of the faces in the  crowd are the same. The new mascot, Swish, looks pretty familiar too. Even coach Hugo Lopez looks vaguely similar to the old coach, who was also from Spain. How is it that European men know how to wear a suit so well? Love this guy.Halifax Hurricanes basketball

2. The Weather Girls are doing a really great job.

If Hurricanes basketball is indeed about family entertainment, then these energetic cheerleaders are definitely playing their part. At the game we attended, they carefully brought out the flag for the anthem, they passed out programs, they smiled and cheered with the crowd, they interacted with the kids. They worked really really hard. Love these girls. Love their boots.

Halifax Hurricanes basketball Weather Girls

The Weather Girls: More than just cheerleaders!

3. A basketball game can get expensive.

Going to a game is not pricey -about the same price as a movie- but the the overpriced concessions can really hit the wallet hard. A bag of popcorn and a bottle of water was $9.75.  Parking at Scotia Square? $14.00.  Arghhh! Next time, we’re bringing our own popcorn…on the bus!
Halifax Hurricanes basketball

4. Glover is awesome

I met Forward, Mike Glover at a press conference earlier in the year, and didn’t realize at the time that I was shaking hands with such a champion. All the Halifax Hurricane players are awesome, but Glover has something about him. He’s sharp, he’s a leader, and he always seems to be where the ball is…just before he dunks it in. Plus, he’s a really nice guy. While he was signing autographs, he chatted with the kids: “Ya’ll have a good break? Back to school tomorrow!” Love this guy too.
Halifax Hurricanes basketball family fun

5. It really is all about the kids

Hurricanes games are for families. On the Eastlink crowd-cam, kids wave madly every time they make it onto the big screen. Kids’ basketball teams are invited to open the game, and play at half-time. The music is great. The emcee is actually totally hilarious if you listen carefully. And when the team wins? The crowd goes totally bananas. A Hurricanes game has a great atmosphere, even with half the seats empty. It’s only going to get better as the season continues.

Halifax Hurricanes basketball happy kids

Two happy Hurricanes fans

6. The new bathroom sinks at The Scotiabank Centre look like something out of the TARDIS.

Sorry to go off topic, but I have to include this observation. These crazy sinks are beyond modern!  I have an insider contact at Scotiabank Centre who revealed to me that  no one knows how to work these contraptions. People try stepping on the base, pressing buttons, even talking to it, apparently. So, here’s a tip:  just wave your hands under the top ring. Water will appear (as you are transported to Gallifrey, 900 years into the future).

Scotiabank Centre sinks Tardis

Scotiabank Centre sinks: adventures in space and time

For your reference, here’s the ‘real’ thing:

tardis Scotiabank Centre

Dr. Who’s Tardis, as depicted by Google Maps

Seriously, all jokes aside, if you haven’t yet been to a Hurricanes game, there’s still plenty of chances this season, and believe me, even if you are a new supporter, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes before you feel like you’ve always been a fan.
Halifax Hurricanes basketball next game

See you there!