Halifax Hurricanes Basketball

The Halifax Hurricanes announced their new name and identity today, using the hashtag #StormsComing

Great news, Halifax- we’ve got a new basketball team! The Halifax Hurricanes name and logo was unveiled at a press conference at the Scotiabank Centre on October 20th, 2015, with their first game scheduled for December 26th,  against the Moncton Miracles. The new NBL team also comes with a catchy hashtag: #StormsComing

Halifax Hurricanes Basketball

The Halifax Hurricanes name and logo was unveiled today at the Scotibank Centre/Photo: Helen Earley

Coach Hugo Lopez, who arrived from Spain on Saturday night, is looking forward to a new season. He hasn’t met all the new players yet (so far only Glover, and Halifax favourite Cliff Clinkscales have been signed), but he says he is looking forward to building the team. “We’re not just talking about getting good individual players, we’re talking about building a team”, he said. “Our players will not just be good players, they will be good people”.

Halifax Hurricanes Basketball

Photo: Helen Earley

The new team also introduced its newest team member, forward, Mike Glover, a 6′ 8″ Bronx native who has played for teams in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Turkey, and most recently Argentina. Mike says he’s excited about moving to Halifax. “I heard about what happened before”, he said, referring to the controversial end to the 2014-15 NBL season. “I am looking forward to the future”. Here’s a photo of Mike and the Halifax Hurricane’s  newest fan (yup, me!). I can confirm that 6’8″ is really tall…and also that Mike is a really nice guy.

Halifax Hurricanes Basketball Mike Glover

Halifax Hurricanes signed their first player today/Pictured here with our Editor, Helen Earley

Being nice is important, especially when you are a role model to young athletes.  “We’re going to have high character guys” says Andre Levingston, General Manager of the Hurricanes, and long-time supporter of Halifax Basketball. “It’s not just about winning games, its about inspiring youth. When I recruit guys, it’s important that they give back to the community”.

Andre Levingston Halifax Hurricanes

Halifax Hurricanes Basketball General Manager, Andre Levingston/Photo: Helen Earley

Levingston says that Halifax can expect lots of community involvement such as school visits and more. “We’ve got lots of plans”, he says.

The other great news for Halifax families is that the ticket prices are going to be more affordable than ever. Season tickets in the lower both are only $100 for youth and $260 for adults. Don Mills, chairman of the Halifax Hurricanes says, ” We want Hurricanes games to be accessible to fans and affordable for families to come out and cheer for the team”.

Season tickets and game schedules can be found at the Halifax Hurricanes new website.

Good Luck Hurricanes.  See you in December!

Halifax Hurricanes Basketball