Libraries help to build healthy communities, and with over 14 branches in and around HRM, it’s safe to say that the value of our Halifax Public Libraries is immeasurable.

It is time to reimagine how you think about libraries. Gone are the days of quietly tiptoeing around with your nose in a book. The modern-day library has become a community hub that buzzes with excitement and provides connections to health, education, literacy and so much more.

With broad and inclusive programming across all 14 locations, you will find inspiring community art displays, film screenings, science experiments, live performances, and that is only the first chapter! Whether you are hoping to build new skills through a workshop, make new friends through a playdate or challenge yourself with puzzles and games, there is always something new to discover at the Halifax Public Libraries. You will find a full schedule of upcoming events here.

When my family and I first moved back to Halifax in 2021, we were so excited to explore the “new” library. The Halifax Central Library, the buildings official name, is located on Spring Garden Road in Downtown Halifax, and actually opened its doors in 2014. So, it is in fact, no longer new. However, the locals will continue to offer directions in proximity to the landmarks: the “new” library and the “old” library. So, in an effort to carry on tradition, I have affectionately adopted the title.

Though each of the Public Libraries have something unique to offer, the “new” library might be considered the flagship location. There is so much to explore within the its 5 floors, including a theatre, two cafe’s, public computers, and multiple private meeting rooms and workspaces. With the entirety of the second floor dedicated to youth, Halifax Central offers an incredible amount of value to our children and our community as a whole. It is not usual to see groups of children playing video games and working on art projects, or to hear bursts of laugher ringing out through the building. This is not your traditional library- and that’s why we love it.

While you do not need a library card to use the space or participate in programming and events, getting a card is easy! If you’re a resident of Nova Scotia, you can get a Halifax Public Libraries card for free. Your library card will gain you access to more than just books. You will have access to audiobooks, kits, magazines, music (CDs), movies (DVD & Blue-Ray) and more. Items can be borrowed from any location and return to any location, so exploring the catalogue of over 1million items across all branches, just got easier. Read more about how you can acquire your card here.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but from where we stand, the Halifax Public Libraries look pretty amazing to us!

Halifax Public Libraries

Phone: (902) 490-5753